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Gemini New Moon Rising On 13th June, 2018: Get In Touch With Your Femininity

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June’s New Moon is due on the 13th this month and rises in the constellation of Gemini.

The predominance of female divine energies is very evident in the case of this New Moon, which will be aspecting at 22 44 Gemini.

The 2018 Gemini New Moon is adding lighter, breezier energies to the mix: curiosity, flexibility, changeability, playfulness, wit. words (LOTS of words!) and a knack for sidestepping, deflecting and – poof! – vanishing.

We’re not entirely out of the waters, though. Jupiter and Neptune are still traveling in a trine, overriding reason with a link between the deepest and highest parts of our being.

And the Moon’s ruler Mercury is in Cancer, making communication more emotional and sensitive than the Gemini norm. The chatter rising under this Moon could have us speaking our hearts more. It could also encourage crabbiness, taking messages personally and staging pity parties.

The New Moon will be opposing the Goddess of the Hearth, Vesta, who also reigns over commitment. This shall happen in 29, Sagittarius.

It will all be part of a grander and bigger picture: a fire trine, formed with Ceres in the constellation of Leo (24) and Eris, in the constellation of Aries at 24.

The New Moon would however be the focal point of it all. The energies would primarily be ones of cleansing and rejuvenating nature.

Eris will be opposing Haumea (looks after womanly matters like childbirth) at 24 Libra, which is squarely opposite of the Black Moon Lilith (intensity) at 24.

Sedna, the resident goddess of the ocean, and protector of harvestsis at 26 Taurus and asteroid Hecate, the Goddess of the crossroads and choices, is at 6 Leo in conjunction to the North Node of your future.

The primary focus of this entire astrological shindig will be, this is a phase of remaking, reworking, rejuvenating and re-creating.

This is going to be the time when you nurture your inner self into something productive, colourful and artistic.

Being in Gemini, this New Moon will be responsible for positing newer, more intriguing choices in front of you. At the same time, it is also going to be responsible for energising your faculties enough, in order for you to make the choices; the right ones.

The New Moon will also bring about proper balancing of all things and binaries in life; like its parent constellation, it promises a healthy balance between all the crossroads you will face.

Embrace the feminine energies and grow more as a human being.


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