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Tonight’s Virgo Full Moon Is Perfect For Healing Wounds & Starting New

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by Conscious Reminder

March 2023 ushers in some of the year’s most transformative cosmic events. We are likely to have experienced change, healing, and the welcoming of new opportunities by the end of the month.

The Full Moon on March 7 will serve as our lighthouse to prepare us for all of these cosmic events.

The March Full Moon, which falls in the sign of Virgo, will feel like a tonic, an elixir specially crafted just for us to help us navigate all that this month has in store for us.

The Virgo Full Moon will be our medicine, bringing us exactly what we need at this point in our soul’s evolution.

Under this Full Moon, pay attention to where you feel called. Do you feel led to rest, let go, or embrace new opportunities? Do you feel led to go within and be still, or to release yourself and your creations into the world?

Under this Full Moon, it appears that anything is possible, so honor your needs and pay attention to what your mind, body, and soul are trying to communicate.

A Healing Journey has begun.

This Full Moon may also have a focus on health and healing. The lovely Virgo energy encourages us to trust our intuition and seek guidance and support from mother earth in the form of fresh air, sunlight, water, herbs, and nutrition.

Chiron, the wounded healer’s asteroid, and Jupiter, the planet of expansion, are also very active during this Full Moon, enhancing the healing energy available.

This planetary energy combination can bring about miraculous healings and answers to healing prayers. It can, however, bring wounds to the surface that need to be addressed and magnify areas where we have not been taking care of ourselves.

If health issues arise during this Full Moon, channel some Virgo Goddess energy to reclaim your power and remember the incredible healing wisdom that exists within every cell in your body.

Listen to your intuition, trust your inner wisdom, and know that any healing journey inspired by the March Moon will help you realize your full potential.

Under the light of the Moon, see if you can see your healing journey as a journey to greater wisdom and understanding, which can lead to new passions, purposes, and life paths.

Allow the Goddess to Ascend.

There is also a lot of Goddess energy coursing through the cosmic skies right now, coming from the Virgo Virgin Goddess, Eris, and Venus.

This Goddess energy reminds us of the power we can access when we practice radical self-love, stand up for ourselves, and listen to our intuition. This energy encourages us to first fill our own cups so that we have enough to pour into the cups of others.

Strong goddess energy can also activate destruction, assisting us in cleansing, releasing, and letting go.

Don’t be afraid to let go of things that aren’t meant for you, because anything released during this Full Moon is most likely just preparing you for the new opportunities that will come your way during the month of March.

Saturn also enters Pisces shortly after the Virgo Full Moon, signaling the end of an old karmic cycle and the start of a new one.

Get Ready for Something Bigger

Take in whatever medicine the March Full Moon brings you and acknowledge that you are being prepared for something bigger.

Be kind, patient, and gentle with yourself as you navigate all of this lunar energy.

Pay attention to your needs and keep listening to your mind, body, and soul. Everything that needs to be illuminated will be illuminated. Everything you need to know to proceed to the next chapter will be provided.

Keep an open mind and faith in the Universe. Know that it will never bring you anything you can’t handle. Know that this Virgo Full Moon will bring you the medicine you require.

Happy Full Moon, everyone!!!

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