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Energetic Anatomy: The Five Layers Of The Human Subtle Body

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Our human body is made up of five layers of energy.

The foremost layer is the physical form – the layer which we can feel and touch, and see it’s reflection in the mirror.  The other four energy layers envelop the physical form. They are generally known as our aura.

Together, these five energy levels or energy bodies comprise the human energy field. An energy medicine practitioner can calculate and cure not only the physical layer, but all layers of the human energy field.

To perceive the second, third, fourth and fifth layers, the practitioner needs to have psychic ability. Moreover, visually they may look different from one another. These layers can be acknowledged without including the third eye visualization.

For example, the layers can be perceived through touch, scent or sound. As these are living energies, their pulses are measurable.

Exploring The Five Layers Of The Human Energy Field

1. The Physical Energy Body- This layer is the one that we accept as our physical beings. Even though we consider our bodies as a packet of blood, flesh, bone and organs, our physical states are also energy. They are similar to the other layers of the body, naked to the human senses.

2. The Etheric Energy Body- The location of the second etheric layer is closely one quarter to one half an inch (approximately 1 inch) from our physical selves. Expert energy medicine practitioners upon sensing this layer have described it as a “webby” sensation. Like a spider’s web, it feels stretchy, or sticky. This energy zone’s color is gray, or blue-gray. This layer has also been termed as the blueprint or holograph of the physical form. \

3. The Emotional Energy Body – The third layer is called the emotional layer. It is centrally located and is guardian of all our feelings. In this layer, our fears and our triumphs inhabit together. This layer can be often unstable while experiencing intense polar emotions.

4. The Mental Energy Body- This layer is the birthplace of all our ideas. It acts as the storage of our belief system. In this energy level, our views are incorporated and sorted out. Our personal truths or rather our outlooks based on our experiences are harbored in this layer.

5. The Spiritual Energy Body – This is the final layer. It has been acknowledged that our “consciousness” or “higher awareness” dwells in this place.

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