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Are You Experiencing Awakening? This Is How Not to Push Your Loved Ones Away

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When we start awakening for the first time, we may take a look at our family and see that they are all asleep, and we will really don’t want to have anything to do with them so that we will distance ourselves from them.

Here, the delicate thing is that we build our spiritual journey on the pain we cause to other people.

For example, we are married, and we start awakening in our marriage, while our partner does not. What are we supposed to do? Are we supposed to leave our partner? Or, are we supposed to work with this situation?

For instance, in California, more than 55% of the married people divorce, and about 80% of all those divorces remarry. This is a serially monogamous culture – one partner all the time. However, when we grow, and our partner does not, we say goodbye. Within such cultures, there are expectations.

They become our curriculum.

We aren’t supposed to decide if it is wrong or good; it is simply what it should be. However, other different cultures in the world treat marriage as a lifelong commitment, meaning that when one of the partners begins to grow and pushes the other one away, is considered violent.

The people that we are with, as of our karma, or nature of the things, we start working with their own presence. They will become our curriculum.

Pushing away our parents will also be hard. However, when we get more stable when it comes to transforming ourselves, we will turn around and reach out to our parents.

In the beginning, we will try to also change them, in order to feel more comfortable when we are with them. We will rationalize it by simply saying that we love them and want them to notice what we notice. However, our attitude will lack respect for the persons they are.

Our parents can be whoever they want and need to be.

We should not blame them for not doing their inner work. Maybe they were poor people before we were born, and they were concerned about the food they will eat. We were never concerned when it comes to our food as they were here to give us an unbelievable gift.

And, our gift for them should be to appreciate them as who they are, and prepare our minds not to judge them; we should create a small space with our mind where they can be the persons they want and need to be.

In fact, when we take a look at this world with all these people in it, we are going to notice that a lot of different spiritual evolution levels exist out there. They are simply development stages. We have to be careful when it comes to imposing values of worse and better.

Being an adolescent is not better than being a child. Being an older person is not better than being a middle age one. These are simply various development stages.

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