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Understanding The 5 Types Of Personality In Human Design 

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by Conscious Reminder

Personality types are easily known through numerology, astrology, or Myers-Briggs.

Some people are extremely curious to understand their personality type, and they take resort to weekly horoscopes or dive deep into their subconscious. 

Alan R. Krakower, popularly known as Ra Uru Hu, created a human design in the late 1980s after hearing supreme knowledge for 8 days. He recorded this mystical experience in the book titled Rave I’Ching, which gained steady popularity. 

Later, Shayna Cornelius and Dana Stiles from DayLuna combined I’Ching philosophy, chakra system, Kabbalah teachings, and Western astrology to form a detailed blueprint for human design. We can calculate our human design through our birth location, time, and day. 

The 5 human design types, according to Stiles, Cornelius, and Brafman, are: 

1. Manifestors 

10% of the world population are Manifestor type. Such people are innovators and true leaders who let others work on their ideas. They have intense energy bursts and get encouraged to work only when urged from within. Although their energy is unmatched, they lose pace quickly. Manifestors have a strong presence that is felt all around. They are able to make impactful changes in individual lives and the world since they are fearless and independent souls. 


Manifestors keep their emotions and ideas closely guarded as they fear manipulation. However, they can bring changes by making others a part of the process. 

2. Generators 

More than 30% of people are Generators, and these numbers become 70%, including Manifesting Generators. However, the two types are vastly different. Generators are rare people who are very hardworking and respond to all actions and events thrown their way. 


Generators are burnt out when engaging in work that does not excite them. Nonetheless, they are compelled to put their energy at work that comes from sacral chakra. Generators must do work that fires them, and only then will they achieve satisfaction. Their fire will die if they keep doing unnecessary work. 

3. Manifesting Generators 

This personality type is the hybrid of Manifestors and Generators. Nevertheless, while Generators have a specific field of expertise, Manifesting Generators can engage in different kinds of work and excel. They can come up with innovative ideas as well as utilize their body and energy to execute those ideas. Their presence can be impactful and trailblazing for the world. 


This hybrid personality type can experience burnout due to excessive pressure on their mind and body. They might not be able to keep up with their own ideas and energy. On the other hand, everyone around is always willing to follow Manifesting Generators. 

4. Projectors 

20% of people all over the world are Projector type as they are imparting guidance and wisdom to others. They have a spiritual perspective on life and always find the good in others. These qualities of Projectors make them equipped to provide the ideal advice and scare energy to people around them. Although unsolicited advice gets them in trouble, their deeper understanding is always helpful. 


Projectors must hold their tongue before giving unwanted advice. It must be admitted that their energy and aura are extremely calming and consistent even when the situation around them is not. 

5. Reflectors 

Only 1 % of people worldwide are born Reflectors. They are the perfect empaths who absorb all pain and negativity of people around them. Their aura and energy reflect back the other person’s energy and truly experience what is happening around them. 


Reflectors are the perfect mirror to society during the 28-day lunar cycle that gives them clarity regarding important decisions. Nevertheless, absorbing too much energy is not good for their mental health. 


Understanding human designs can act as a catalyst for making significant decisions in life. Self-discovery is the best way to tap into our true potential and calling. 

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