October 2021 Horoscope: Get Ready For A Bag Full Of Tricks

by Conscious Reminder

The Libra season is here as October has arrived. This is the time to let the love show you the path as the main focus of the October 2021 horoscope are your relationships.

This will give you an opportunity to get closure with your exes and reconnect with lost friends. If you are single then this is the perfect time to go out on a date.

If you have found your love then you should go out for an adventure to see the world. We will now tell you how the zodiac signs will handle this month and you can check your horoscopes down below.


This month will begin on a new moon. It will be in the seventh house of partnerships on the 6th of October. This new moon will motivate you to look at where your relationships stand and how you can work on them. The key elements are compromise and communication but you also need to let go of all the behaviors that hold back your relationships.


You need to get your stuff managed as a new moon will be activating your sixth house of health and work. This new moon will reveal how your habits serve your best interests. 


The 5th of October will see a new moon rushing through the fifth house of self-expression and fun. This moon will help you let go of the fears of criticism and you will be able to embrace your creative side. You should not worry about being perfect as creativity is present in all human beings.


The new moon will illuminate your fourth house of family and home. You will feel like reconnecting with your roots and reflect on things that make you, “you”. You will also feel like returning to the place where you hail from.


October 6th will observe the new moon rushing into the third house of communication. It will motivate you to redirect your thought and study something new. You will also feel like embracing your inner voice. You should get ready to have some interesting conversations that will teach you new things.


The new moon will bloom in the second house of self-esteem and luxury on the 6th of October. You can use this to aim for your financial goals. This is also the perfect time to segregate the things that you need from the things you want.


The new moon in this zodiac sign will send positive vibrations into your life. This is the time to gain a rigid desire to improve yourself. You also need to let go of all the emotional baggage that holds you back.


This month might make you feel like an introvert. The new moon will illuminate the twelfth house of your subconsciousness. It can bring hidden emotions to the surface and will help you let go of the egotistic character.


The new moon will enter the eleventh house of community efforts. You will get the call to work with similar people, to make the world a better place. You can make a difference in the world so do not underestimate your talents.


The new moon will help in activating the tenth house of your social status and reputation. It will motivate you to reach higher levels in your field and whatever you desire.


The new moon will sparkle in the ninth house of freedom and spontaneity. It will help you break the chains of monotony. You will feel open-minded so try to look at things from a different perspective. This will also help you create new memories.


The new moon will rise in the eighth house of transformation on the 6th of October. This will prompt you to create space for new things as you cut your ties with things that hold you back.

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