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4 Things To Do This Summer Solstice To Tap Into The Summer Energies?

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by Conscious Reminder

The summer solstice is one such day of the year, when the night is the shortest throughout. This day receives most sunlight throughout the year.

This is officially the first day of summer, and this is when the Sun would be at its pinnacle throughout the day time.

Even though the 21st century has seen us shifting away from the vast beauties of nature, it wouldn’t go amiss to say that summer and winter solstices and autumn and spring equinoxes are four such phenomena that receive a lot of attention and adulation throughout the ages.

It also wouldn’t be wrong to mention that the body would receive much energy, positive in nature, that would help it.

Since history repeats itself, it is inevitable that the display and worship of these natural events that took place centuries ago would be present again, in this present century.

This is a way to connect to nature, and understand the dichotomy or the binary between man and nature.

But, there are four such rituals that do not take time, to full enjoy the summer solstice.

Witness the Sunrise

Wake up before dawn. Watch the sky as it gets illuminated by the dynamic vestiges of the morning sun. The amount of positive energy that would reach you is tumultuous as these rays are pure and powerful. The body is a solar conduit, and these rays invigorate it.

Activation of the Solar Body

Due to the similarity between the force which keeps us alive and the force which keeps this Earth moving, and in orbit, watching the Sun rise and feeling the Sun rays hit every node of your body, can be refreshing. As, these Sun rays would always balance the equilibrium between the Earth and the body. The body is solar, and so is the Earth.


This is the time to introspect unto yourself where you stand in life as a human. The journey you undertake can be understood in this stage, because it allows you to reflect upon your actions and the plans that you would go through later in your life.

Go Outside

Needlessly informative, go outside. Have a picnic. Camp in the wood. Feel the complete Sun rays hit you and bring you from the deep, dark corner to a place which is bright, and optimistic.

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