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Why High Vibrational People Get Attacked By Lower Vibrational Energies

by consciousreminder

One of the biggest spiritual myths and one that really aggravates me is that like vibrations attract like vibrations. This is so not true when it comes to spiritual attacks.

I usually see this when someone is asking for help in a group asking what to do about being psychically attacked.

Then invariably someone comments, who probably doesn’t know any better, and blames the victim of the attacks by saying they need to raise their vibration because like attracts like. So they are saying the victim must have a low vibration to be being attacked by low vibrational energy.

This is simply 100% not true. You can have a very high vibration and still get attacked. There are reasons high vibrational people get attacked. I will go over a few.

You are a Blu Ray or have a lot of blue and/or violet in your aura. If you have a blue/violet aura you will attract lower vibrational energies naturally so you can transmute them. You will also pick them up off other people who can’t transmute them.

Negative thought forms, spirits, entities and low vibrational energy will come to you for transmutation. Like a moth to a flame these lower energies will hang around you and attach to you when they get a chance.

Training purposes if you are a lightworker, shaman, healer, etc. You can’t know about these energies if you haven’t personally experienced them. Therefore you will get attacked so you can learn.

Lightworkers, shamans, healers etc. help others by having experienced attacks themselves. I have been doing this for years and was recently out of commission due to having been attacked by something new.

I was in pain a week before another healer was able to find the energy for me. Once she told me what it was I was able to remove it and look for other attachments like it. I personally had to experience this pain to be able to find it on others.

This is training for me and I don’t take it personal anymore. Now when someone comes to me with excruciating head and neck pain that will be the first thing I look for when helping them.

It started out as neck pain on one side but having been left on too long turned into a lot of pain.

Thankfully my healer friend was able to see what it was because it didn’t emit any energy. Once she described it and removed it, I was able the next time to remove it myself. I was looking for energy which was how I missed it.

I am sure there are more reasons a high vibrational person is attacked but these are the reasons I personally know. I know when I first started my journey and was relentlessly attacked and asked for help. I was told a lot that my vibration must be low or it wouldn’t be happening.

Thus I felt bad about myself. I stopped asking for help and searched for answers. What I found was that as a Blu Ray/ Lightworker/ Shaman it was part of my journey to learn to transmute this dark energy. I did learn how which is how I am able to help others.

So in these situations like doesn’t attract like. You can have a very high vibration and still get attacked maybe even more so. Lower energies will flock to you because of your light. This myth drives me crazy because when someone is asking for help.

It never helps and only harms when someone tells them their vibration is low. This is blaming the victim and saying something is wrong with them. This is in no way true. It in fact says this person is meant for something great and will eventually help many others. I know this because it would not even mess with you if you weren’t a threat.

I still have low vibrational energy come to me all the time. I will be in public and feel something jump off the person next to me on to me. I can transmute it easily and it barely affects me anymore.

In the beginning this lower energy would drain me and be very painful. Now I barely feel it maybe a muscle twitch or a tight muscle. Except for the neck problem this week. Since it was new I had to know how it felt. I now know to look for it and add it to my list.

So to those warriors and healers that are relentlessly attacked. There is a purpose and an end. One day it won’t even bother you. You will barely feel it. You are being trained for greater purposes to humanity.

Love and Light,
Dawn Bailey

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EL June 20, 2018 - 2:59 am

Thank you for bridging and bringing light and understanding concerning the fatal flaw in the Law of Attraction (or LOA)! Yes, like attracts like… However, opposites attract as well (a magnet will only attach to the opposite pole of another magnet!)… Awakening to truths helps to bridge solutions, rather than shaming others for what they are doing “wrong”, creating more drama and unnecessary havoc rather than resolution(s)! If you follow what others provide, you create more of the same! Instead, open to the pure wisdom already available within, and new possibilities will open not ever considered before! Just open and Be… Namaste…

MG July 29, 2018 - 2:59 pm

I too have been told it was because my energy was at a low vibration. I knew it wasn’t true, but no convincing an older sister who knows best. 🙂

I too came to the conclusion that I must be a threat. Why go to so much trouble, expend so much energy to try to break someone who wishes for us all to “win”? The attempts to break me and spread ugly lies and rumors have only made me dig deep and become stronger. Several times throughout the journey with these people, an attempt to sabotage, has brought me to things I have asked for. I am thankful I am aware enough to see my requests manifest, no matter how odd, cruel and strange the journey to realize these manifestations has been.

I just finished another article of yours about the cabal, and how they are there for a purpose, to help us on our journey to self. About a month ago, in the midst of one of their attacks, I heard them speak to me, not in face to face speaking, but in my soul, and they said just that. That although our actions are cruel, unjust, unfair, it is for the betterment of your journey, of you.

Despite my awareness, my human rears it’s egoic head in moments and anger fills me, because truly, the cruelty I have experienced, the psychic attacks, slander, and so much more are things I cannot conceive forcing another human to experience. It does not help knowing they are unaware of the role they are playing. They take joy in the pain they cause. I reconcile that with thoughts that, they must be unaware, as an aware being would not inflict such spiritual, mental and emotional harm on another.

Their cruelty and ugliness have helped me find myself and find my worth. I have repeatedly thanked them, and people around me do not understand that mentality. I have been shamed for thinking as I do. With statements of being too passive, allowing them to torture me, oblivious of the internal work that has taken place to “be” where I am. There will be balance in the end, and, LOVE will always win, even if it looks like fear has taken over our space. Love wins in the end.

A Seeker August 6, 2018 - 3:02 pm

Thank you for this article. I soooo needed to hear this. I’ve heard for so many years that I must be doing something wrong or must somehow deserve what’s happening. I’ve also heard it’s just me looking at the bad side or it’s my imagination. I’ve had these experiences all my life and wondered why. Now I have an answer that doesn’t make me feel even worse about myself. Thank you.

Ratikan Journals June 28, 2019 - 9:45 pm

I have a negative entity that’s been with me since 2017. It the beginning it created a lot of physical pain by vibrating against my personal energy field. I’ve noticed that when my vibration is lower aka more grounded that even though it’s still with me it doesn’t bother me or at least it isn’t painful. But, once I raise my vibration which can happen by changing my thoughts then it starts to swarm around my feet (my guess is my energy isn’t grounded) especially when I’m in doors. When I’m outside it’s not so much a problem. My challenge is learning to control my energy which is controlled by my thoughts. Anyone else have any suggestions?

Vaibhav September 11, 2019 - 9:10 am


Thank you for this. This article describes my experience to a T.

Ever since my awakening this has been a frequent recurrence. And I googled this because despite my vibration being quite high in the recent past, I seem to be attracting negative energies.

But like you I have gotten used to it and find my capacities growing.

I am writing to ask you about the neck issue you mentioned. I have a similar problem for a number of years now and cant seem to find a solution. Acupuncture helped but the issue came back.

Could you please give me some pointers on what worked for you and how I could heal this?

Thank you so much for what you do.

With love

Rain September 14, 2019 - 8:31 pm

I’m saluted by earth beings at night as I pass by with their lights. My entourage of 5 orbs during the day and at night are comforting. At my Reike cleansing I have been identified as a opalescent white dragon from the first indigo wave. I’m 52 years old and although awake I am unaware of protecting myself from the lower beings. At night they enter and crowd around. My sight has been activated and I can see Into multiple dimensions. My ears remain silent as i cannot hear. I am in pain all the time and on those rare occasions where I feel good enough to go out I feel better but I feel I am losing the fight. I could use any helpful advise.
Sending love, laughter and light

Jay October 7, 2019 - 7:49 pm

What’s interesting is that I have long suspected this to be the case from my own personal experiences and insights I’ve developed from observing others over the years. Glad to know that I wasn’t just imagining this and that this is something that happens regularly to those with higher vibrations.

I’m constantly attacked by those with lower vibrations and negative energies. Sometimes, but not always I’m able to transmute these negative energies. I do this by absorbing all of the angry, hateful energy thrown my way and I sit there brooding with this dark energy inside of me. What ends up happening is that I can literally sense the shift in the energies of those around me as they start to behave better and become more light in their energies. It’s crazy to see how they then start to act nicer towards me.


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