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Jet Li Shares Three Steps To Self-Mastery That Will Make You Invincible

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by Conscious Reminder

“Know thyself” has always been a penchant when it comes to all ways of thought. Knowing one’s own self and admitting its shortcomings, is the only fool-proof way towards success and invincibility.

In this world of cutthroat competition, it is almost everyone’s dream to become unbeatable. How does one go about on that road?

Well, the great martial artist and actor Jet Li, has spoken in a lot of detail on the subject. He has been a known advocate on self-mastery and self-knowing. It is a great strength to know what one’s own mind thinks, because that is where one’s strength lies.

Here are three things that the master martial artist suggests one do:

1. Learn and then repeat

It takes proper learning before one can actually go on to showcase what one has learnt. Half-assed learning followed by prideful and scornful repetition can only result in disappointment. This is because your audience will not bat an eyelid before calling you out on your tomfoolery.

“Use your body as a weapon, and you need to use the weapons very well, [hence] concentrate on skill.”

Practice, practice and practice, to come to the level of master someday; right now, concentrate on honing your skill.

2. Develop a psychological tool

To either scare the enemy into submission before the fight, or to convince him into peace. This will save you a lot of physical and mental trouble too. This also makes you the first one who looks beyond the fight towards possible reconciliation and possible cordiality with the enemy.

3. Nurture inner peace

“We sit here, everybody feels safe, and I’m not scared of aggression. It’s close to religion, like Jesus. They beat me up, fine. But slowly they understand, and they drop their weapons. They don’t want to fight anymore.”

This is somewhere where fear simply does not exist anymore. This is where man feels closest to God, who resides inside him. Feel these three stages inside you and with time, you shall see that you won’t lose to anyone.

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