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Gardening As A Way To Find God And Your Own Self

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by Conscious Reminder

It has always been mentioned in the ancient scriptures that one action that brings people closer to their spirituality, to the presence of God, is gardening.

People, who tend to their roots more often than any other person, can see themselves experiencing spiritual growth which would change their entire life, instead of them trying to opt for stuff that wouldn’t make much of a difference to their lives.

People, who have tended to soil more in their lives, find it calming and relaxing. They are in touch with their soul, and are helping nurture something by their own hands.

Solitude Is Relaxing While Gardening

Solitude is comfortable while you are gardening. The main aim is to reach God. Despite the scriptural way of having to behave in a certain way to reach God, it doesn’t make a difference as long as you are doing something that you truly love.

And, for things that you love, doing the same thing again and again would get boring. Similarly, sitting in a quiet room praying can get boring too. Hence, this is the substitute.

God Allows You Freedom In His Presence

In His presence, you are allowed freedom because you are doing something that concerns you both, which takes up time that is specially kept for you.

Mimetic representation of our creator by creating several new things that you can call yours, brings you closer to God, and you bask in the glory of mutual love.

Time For Introspection

Authors throughout the ages have used gardening as a prelude to show that their protagonist is thinking.

While that may be just fanciful imagination, people who are gardeners, tend to have a very deep, thoughtful mind, which they constantly use to think about stuff, and retrospect about the past, to gather epiphany for the present.

Introspection about one’s own life leads to a calm and cool train of thought that entails a peaceful life, with your maker.

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