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How Will The February Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Zodiac Sign?

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By Conscious Reminder

We have barely finished the first month of the year and are already faced with an intense Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury turns Retrograde multiples times each year, but it’s been a while since a Mercury Retrograde is taking place in an air sign. Issues related to communication, organization, and focus will trouble us in the coming days.

This is going to feel different from the previous Retrogrades, so here how the zodiac signs need to tread the waters:


This Mercury Retrograde will reveal who your true friends are. All the gossip-mongers and frenemies will be revealed now. But instead of picking a fight with them, just accept that they need to get out of your life. Once you clear the space, you’ll attract more positive people in your life.


Work-related problems might turn up under this Retrograde now. You will feel the urge to work harder than ever to show what you can achieve. It would be wise not to start anything new until Mercury turns Direct. Just finish your existing projects and clear all backlogs. Take it slow, and the post retrograde phase will bring you abundance.


You will be reconsidering your faith under the influence of Mercury. Your spiritual, philosophical, and political stances will be questioned as you look for new inspiration. Seek experts and listen to them. Reflect on what you learn from others and let your beliefs evolve with this new knowledge. Mercury Retrograde this month will also cause some scheduling delays, so be prepared for that.


This Mercury Retrograde is highlighting your eight house of intimacy and debt. Clear all pending bills right away to avoid major trouble. Also, this is a good time to reevaluate your closest bonds. Find the fault lines and work on them with the other person.


If you have any pending decision regarding your love life, just sit tight till 20th February. You will be reconsidering your relations with past friends and beaus. This can lead to a new start with them or completely blocking them out of your life. Either way, new things are coming.


Even the most organized sign is going to suffer under the chaos of this Mercury Retrograde. As you lay low now, find a better schedule and healthier habits. Focus on your mental health and self-love. The changes you make now will take you further towards your goals.


This Mercury Retrograde will be easier for you than most others. Use the time to let your creativity flow. If you are not a fan of the arts, use it as a means of stress relief now. Let your inner superstar shine and just have fun!


Mercury Retrogrades are never a good time to sign new contracts. Keep those documents down for the time being and redecorate your surroundings instead. You can also reconnect with people who used to be close to you.


While you don’t like to mince your words, this Mercury Retrograde is not the best time for blunt conversations. As miscommunication will be rampant now, make sure you double-check all written communication. And if you want to announce your opinions, run them by a friend first.


Your finances can take a hit now if you’re not careful. Steer clear of online sales as that can majorly impact your budget. Wait till the waters are calm again, and you can splurge then.


You’ll be feeling the impact of this Retrograde the most. It is best if you control your stubborn instincts and go with the flow. You can make mistakes too, and that is fine. Be more sympathetic and listen to others instead of preaching all the time.


There are high chances of ex-lovers returning to your life now. Even past friends and jobs can resurface. The only thing you need to remember is that while you have a lot to juggle right now, you can still choose which ones are more important for you. Let go of the rest.

To make the most of this Mercury Retrograde, learn which part of your birth chart is ruled by Aquarius. The February 2021 Retrograde can be survived with clear communication, and steering clear of big investments or technological purchases. Since Venus will be active too with the Aquarius Stellium, don’t start any new relationships just yet.

Wait till February ends and see how things turn out. Overall, just remember to relax and lay low for the messages Mercury is sending your way.

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