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For The Girl Who Is Always Just An Option

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

You look at her and think she’s perfect, don’t you? The admiration you have for her probably rivals the adoration her lover looks at her with.

But then you look at yourself, and you wish you could be like that – someone else’s first choice. You probably wonder why you always end up being just an option, all the while taking life’s punches with a brave face and unending patience.

You already know that you have a great personality, you are just waiting for other people to realize that and make you their priority. You know what you can give to the world, and just how much you have to offer, but you still let everybody treat you like you deserve nothing? Why torture yourself like this? Why do you allow people to treat you so badly?

Is it because of how good you are? Too kind, too careful – you just can’t say no when people call in yet another favour, can you? Your soft heart would break into a million pieces if they said they were disappointed in you when you refused to help. But the problem is, your soft heart is breaking now.

Even as they act sweet towards you while taking more favours from you, your soft heart is still breaking. Is it because you care way too much about other people’s feelings, and too little about your own? Or is it because, after all this time, you have grown comfortable in your own misery?

Yes, these people are important to you. But you have forgotten that you are important too! You have become too shy to ask them for the respect that you deserve to be treated with, and they have started taking advantage of that.

You are strong enough to take more pain onto yourself just so that other people do not have to go through hard times, but that is not how society works. You have to learn to seize respect out of the hands that begrudge it to you, because you know you deserve better.

When you sacrifice yourself for other people, they do not see someone who is strong and kind. What they see instead is a girl with a weak personality, who is desperate to be loved. They can see right through all your defences and they know that you will give up your last ounce of strength if it seemed like that would earn you love and respect.

Society is a cruel place and it will take advantage of your generosity – it will make you think that if you sacrifice yourself for someone, you will finally be their priority, but that is simply not true. All you will be for them is the naïve girl who did not know any better.

The only way to break out of this toxic psychological cycle is by giving yourself the respect that you deserve. Unless you respect yourself, other people will not do it either. The only way to earn respect of other people is by showing them how they should treat you, and the best way to do that is by treating yourself like a queen – shoulders back and head held high with confidence.

You have become used to the fact that you will never get what you deserve, and that has made you complacent. You think that that is normal, but it really is not. Only by making yourself your own priority will you be able to become someone else’s priority.

You might be sick of the abuse that everyone has thrown at you in the past, but you must remember that the past never defines the future. Every single moment is a chance to turn your whole life around, so do it – seize the moment and turn your life around. Respect yourself and watch in wonder as the world follows your lead!

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