Ancient Egyptians Believed There Are Nine Parts Of The Human Soul And Here They Are

by Conscious Reminder

In ancient Egypt, a person’s soul was thought to consist of nine separate parts which were integrated into a whole individual but had very distinct aspects.

The ancient Egyptians were convinced that the human soul was composed of NINE main parts: the Ren, the Ba, the Ka, the Shuyet, and the Jb, the Akh, the Sahu, the Khat and the Sechem.

Jb (the heart)

In ancient Egypt, this is one of the most vital parts of Egyptian soul. In myth, it was stated that Jb was created by the blood of child’s mother. It is the key to the heaven.

Shuyet (the shadow)

In the mythology of Egypt, it was believed that it compile what a person really is i.e. their behavior and characteristics. It is always present and it is only important part of Egyptian soul.

Ren (the name)

It was regarded as one of the central and vital parts of the soul. Ren was given to a particular person at the time they were born and would live up with them till they die.

Ba (the personality)

Each and every person’s Ba was different from each other. This makes each and every person unique in their own way.

Ka (the vital spark)

It was one of the vital concepts in the Egyptian soul. It used to distinguish a dead person from a living one.

Khat (the body)

It was another important part of the soul. Primarily it was the bond between the soul and the existing part of a person on earth.

Akh (the immortal self)

It was the immortal self. It offered an enchanted abutment between the ba and ka.

Sahu (the judge)

It was another side of Akh who used to appear in one’s dream or a ghost. They were comprehended from other condition of the soul after God judged him truly of boundless presence.

Sechem (another aspect of Akh)

It was the kind of energy and another aspect of akh. It had the power to control the surroundings and the most probable outcome.

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