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Find Out If You Are A Blue Aura Person A What Makes You Special

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by Conscious Reminder

Are you a person who can keep calm even in the most extreme of circumstances? Are you a person who is protective in nature, always there for those who need help?

If you are, then it is likely that the colour of your aura is blue. Your soul radiates a serenity and positivity as deep and tranquil as the blue ocean.

Read on to understand the characteristics that make you so special a human being and a source of strength and positivity for all around you:

1. A Well-Balanced Soul

Blue is a colour of balance, so you have the inborn talent of not losing your nerves even in the toughest of situations, being the fighter that you are, who can tide over any crisis. Your soul connection with the colour blue also makes you highly intuitive.

2. Kind at Heart

Those with blue auras believe in unconditional love that the colour blue stands for. They disapprove of anger and animosity and feel that everyone deserve to be loved. They genuinely care for people and try to make them feel better.

3. Adept at Nurturing

If you are a Blue Aura Person, you have a strong nurturing element in your personality, You believe that everyone should treat others with kindness and you do the same. The result is that you are perhaps the natural caregiver in your family and friend-circle; you just cannot stop yourself from tending to everyone’s needs.

4. Advisor to People

You come across as trustworthy and can inspire great confidence in people. People feel the tranquillity that your aura exudes and can instinctively trust you with their deepest secrets. It is therefore natural that they consult you with their problems. And being capable of not losing your foot in nerve-wracking situations, you are a person who can come up with sound and logical advice that they rarely receive from other quarters.

5. Patience

One of your greatest virtues is your extraordinary tolerance-level. You never lose your cool with people. Coming in contact with the soothing effect of your aura and your own encouragement, people tend to calm down and get rid of their worries.

6. Intuitive

You are a heart-ruled person who is less of a thinker and more of a believer. You are extremely sentimental by nature and tend to act upon your intuitions.

7. Sociable

You may come across as an introvert, but in reality, you are a friendly and outgoing person. You simply enjoy reaching out to people and socializing. Few people are as concerned about the well-being of his/her friends as you are.

8. A Supportive Lover

When it comes to your love life, you tend to be the anchor in your relationship, protective and caring that you are. You thoroughly invest your emotions into the relationship and would do anything to make your lover happy. There is nothing more fruitful to you than spending quality time with your loved ones and stand by your partner as his or her support system.

9. Family

Blue is a colour which symbolizes both balance and family. Therefore it is most likely that you can efficiently balance your personal and professional life. Family and the happiness of your loved ones stand above everything else for you. No matter how busy you are, you always spend quality time with them and are always there in their hour of need.

So, if these signs match your personality, you should rejoice and so should your loved ones, for, in this strife-torn heartless world, you have the power to bring peace and happiness to lives around you!

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