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Why Monks Wear Orange Robes

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Religions play an important role in our society. And almost all of them have one prominent colour for identification, including other symbols. Buddhism has been known to be one of the most peace-loving religions in the world.

Their saffron robes have always caught the attention of the world. In the streets of Thailand, Bhutan, China and India, you can almost see their bright saffron robes before they even approach.

But nobody would ever figure out why they choose that colour for their outfit and not any other colour like blue that symbolizes peace and freedom or white for purity. Well, today we can tell you why.

The colour saffron was chosen because it symbolizes the first faint flames of the Sun or a light that shines amidst pitch darkness. The colour is said to set ignorance and fear on fire and illuminate our consciousness.

The colour saffron indicates a particular kind of mindset that all monks have. It follows the ideologies of Vedas and uses Lotus to express its most crucial message and that is – just like a lotus, a person can grow from the depths of muddy water and still flourish to be a beautiful flower that floats on top of what it evolved from. You can overcome every obstacle in life.

All these are references leading to the idea of the transformation of our consciousness; moving from the realms of darkness to bright shining light. Light is said to wipe of darkness and this is proved by MIT scientists.

According to them, our neurons emit and even reflect light quite literally. Even our mitochondria consist of certain photosensitive chromophores. By pairing these symbols with the study of DNA we can come to the conclusion that there is truth in our spiritual heritage if we choose to dig in a little deeper.

99% of our genomes which are known as Dark DNA are just parts of ourselves that we cannot fathom. These too are filled with light so that we can have an altogether different experience of the world we are living in.

Light is cogent and comprises of the infinite wisdom of consciousness of which we all are a part. Monks’ robes are just a reminder for us to continue looking at the bright side of things even on the darkest days.

We need to bring ourselves to light to leave the bad behind and this is how we learn to love and live purely.

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