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How Negative Energies Prey On The Vulnerable

by consciousreminder
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I had just moved into a new apartment and usually I am pretty diligent about saging a new space but for some reason, around two weeks in I still hadn’t done it.

For those of you who don’t know, saging is an old practice that is supposed to clean away negative energies and protect your space.

My apartment however was brand new and I wasn’t really concerned about it…… of course, until something happened.

I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep when suddenly I heard a really calm voice talking to me. The voice started telling me about my past life.

I was confused as to where this ‘voice’ had come from and was just lying there listening to the fairly negative recount of a supposed past life. The voice then started telling me how I had failed to listen to the signs. 

Not listening to the signs has lately been a fear of mine as I attempt to take this spiritual path. The voice then became negative and I tried to shut it off, blaming my silly inner fears for its presence.

The voice then prompted to tell me that it could confirm it was here by using my boyfriend, then out of no where, my boyfriend grabbed my hand and squeezed it.

I froze, what the hell was in the room here with me? And was it just a coincidence that at that very moment my boyfriend squeezed my hand?

I fell asleep and had weird dreams all night.

Our thoughts create our reality, I have seen that universal law in action too many times to mess with it, and at the end of the day its my decision to believe the ‘voice’ or not, but my question now was, what benefit did this entity get out of doing all this?

It didn’t really feel like a positive thing to me but it didn’t feel super negative either, in fact I just felt quite vulnerable.

When people become vulnerable they give their energy away. Not just to wondering spirits but in real life too.

When we feel vulnerable we lose our power, our self-control and our confidence. People or even spirits who try to make us vulnerable do so to feel in control.

When they are in control, that is when they can take over and manipulate.

This can be used in all areas of life, in relationships, in jobs, with families and even with negative spirits.

I am still not certain what exactly this ‘voice’ was in my room and I am not even really sure if that was it’s intention but I do know this, that to stop vulnerability all you need to do is remember your truth and who you are.

You can only feel vulnerable if you allow yourself to. Remember, your emotions are your responsibility.

Vulnerability is not all bad either, in fact vulnerability can be one of the most revealing things we can allow ourselves to experience.

Mantra for staying in your truth: “I am strong, I am in control, I can handle this, I will work through this.”

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Deborah August 23, 2017 - 3:56 pm

Thank you for sharing this article about Negative Spirits. I am a newly awakened medium. Lately, all that comes through is negative. Can you please tell me is it possible “to sell your soul to Satan”, because that is what I am being told that my passed on husband has sold his soul to Satan, that he is in “hell” and that is my fault, because at his TOD he had already done so and for various reasons, mainly abusiveness toward me and my daughter and drug addiction, on this one particular morning I had wished him dead. He just happened to pass that night. He had choked me out that morning and I had to leave our home for three hours and when I came back he was still at me. So I asked him to leave and never saw him alive again. Now I have my spirit guide telling me all sorts of negative stuff and that I can’t use my pendulum or my gifts until they deal with my husband. Since then, I have been having terrible dreams that I remember and could never before. I am a traveler in my dreams (my soul travels) and I assist those souls who have recently passed to move on. I sleep so soundly that I don’t remember this, but now I am. The other night I woke up in kind of lucid dream arguing that “no I did not sell my soul”. This sounds loopy I know, but it is happening. So the last three nights are regular weird dreams that people have and I remember them, or at least the gyst of them. I’ve cut ties by asking Archangel Michael, I have many gems of protection, salt, sage. I even doubt my spirit guide, who has supposedly been with me all my life. My late husband has tried on several occasions to attach to me, where I’ve had to sage immediately afterward and cleanse everything in salt water, including spraying myself down with saltwater spray. Any suggestions on this would be so appreciated. I haven’t used my pendulum or chart for a few days now and although my spirit guide is saying telepathically that it’s okay now, I still have not. I’m not afraid, just doubtful of the information I’m getting.


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