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Do Unawakened Twin Flames Feel The Special Connection With Their Twin Counterpart?

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Twin Flames are two halves of the same soul incarnate in two separate human bodies. One half female energy and the other half male energy.

The twins are like 2 pieces to a puzzle that only has 2 pieces. One possesses all of ABC traits and the other, all the XYZ, for example.

The twins love one another unconditionally on all levels including 3D (physical) and 4D (spiritual) and 5D (at soul source.)

So, Yes and No: the answer to this can be in two ways.

1. Twin flames recognize each other on soul level when they meet. And the love between them is eternal. On the conscious level one or both twins may not realize it. But in reality they love each other unconditionally.

2. In waking life, on conscious level….when running separation happens in this twin flame ascension process…the runner (and/or un-awakened one) may refuse the love because of wyz parameters of the conventional world. (Age/ social status/ money / education / race / color/ culture / and so on…) and off course the inner conflict he/she goes through… (fear/ insecurity/ rejection / abandonment doubt etc)……will stop them from realizing their love for their twin flame.

Or, they realize it but do not confront it, and run away.

At the physical level, the unawakened twins do NOT totally understand their love for their twins. Well, the awareness is always there at the soul level, but they have NOT yet tapped into that awareness – that’s why they are called “unawakened” twins right!

Though, they don’t realize it fully, in most of the cases they have this deep knowing that there is some sort of indescribable bond between them.

Twins feel an intense connection due to several factors: ascension, the fact they share a frequency and share a chakra system. This including all of the above exists whether a twin is “awake” or not. A twin flame awakening is called illumination.

Like magnets, they attract and repel as though the magnet has turned the other side, at different times during the journey.

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