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If You Relate To These 8 Signs, It’s Time For You To Make New Friends

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by Conscious Reminder

On the journey of our lives, we collect memories, moments, and people. While the memories and moments are etched in your mind and cannot be changed, the people around us are always changing and growing.

Change is important but we must make sure it’s in the right direction. While we all need friends and acquaintances to survive this life, it should not come with the neglect of the self.

The present friends are doing you no good, but rather harming you. Here are 8 signs you can spot in your friendships which will prompt you to get new and better friends.

1) You Have Empty And Meaningless Interactions With Them

Whenever you and your group meet, long conversations ensue. But more often than not, you can sense how meaningless those words are. It is like you talk a lot but nothing worthwhile is ever said. Such empty conversations do you no good and it is time for you to make new friends.

2) You Do Not Feel Appreciated Among Your Friends

They judge you and condemn you for not meeting their standards of “perfect”. Destructive criticism is what you receive instead of appreciation and support. So it is your turn to find people who will bring positivity in your life and help you grow.

3) You Feel Invisible

When you see your so-called “friends” ignoring you even when you are right before them, you should look for some real friends. These fake friends will purposely make you feel unheard and unseen so it’s best for you to stay away from them.

4) They Make You Feel Alone

We are never truly alone in our journey. Sometimes things get difficult and you may feel lonely, but your near and dear ones are supposed to help you get out of it. If your current friends make you feel all alone, get rid of these people ASAP.

5) Do You “Owe” Them Anything?

Your time, energy, money, etc. are yours alone. You don’t owe them to anyone. Friends often feel entitled to each other’s books, dresses, or some merchandise, but they should know their limits. If your friends don’t respect your boundaries, you need to find new friends.

6) These Friends Make You Feel Confused And Lost

Your manipulative friends could make you feel lost and confused. You might feel detached from your own self and an unknown entity seems to live within you. You need to get a hold of yourself and your life and kick these friends out.

7) Too Much Drama

Certain people can only concentrate on the negativities around them and purposefully block the positives. They call themselves to be honest and realistic but reality also has a positive side. These people will talk about all the negativity, tragedy, and drama going on around them. So you need to find people who are realistic but not biased to drama.

8) They Drain You

Whenever you interact with these “friends”, it leaves you feeling tired, anxious, exhausted, and at times,  even depressed. All their negativity and manipulations take its toll on you. It leaves you drained physically and mentally. Remember, positive people with always make you feel better but these negative people only incite apathy, fear, anxiety, and such other negative emotions in you.

Meeting new friends is daunting for most of us. But if you want your self-confidence to remain intact along with your peace, you have to seek out people who radiate positivity. Honor and love should dictate all relationships and they help you grow.

As you embark on making newer and better friends, you’ll realize how they open up the world to you. Choose them, always.

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