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The Lionsgate Portal Opens Today: Get Ready For A Massive Energy Influx

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

This is not an event known to many but it affects each and every one of us with an intensity that is difficult to describe.

Today, the Lionsgate Portal which is found midway between the Sun and Sirius will be opened and the energy that is released will change all our lives.

The opening of the Lionsgate Portal will radiate light and energy that speak of all things positive and of that which helps us all to grow and attain knowledge of the self.

We will become aware of the manner in which we are leading our lives while also being able to see all the ways in which we can improve if we only choose to do so. The best versions of our selves are simply waiting for us to be ready to attain them.

This might seem like an easy enough process but there are many underlying complications which are not visible at first glance. The opening of the Lionsgate Portal isn’t just a message that you need to change your daily habits or the realization that you could have left a better tip for the waiter at the last restaurant you visited.

The Portal wants you to grow and reflect in a profoundly impactful manner. The changes in the energies around you will be targeted towards your spirituality and its influence on the way you live.

You need to concentrate your struggle on reaching your spiritual awakening so that you may rise to a higher plane of existence than the lowly one you currently inhabit.

All of us will start feeling this change today. The things we’ve always prioritized will change and our perception of the outside world will not remain the same.

When the Lionsgate Portal’s energy touches us, the impact will transform every aspect of our lives from the way we think, consciously and unconsciously, down to the structure of our DNA.

This feeling will rise from the very depths of our minds and the people we used to be will be slowly replaced by the people we were meant to be.

Numerologists know that number 8 is a powerful equalizer.

It balances and harmonizes the universe and in the current state of our planet, we need it more than we ever have before. We have dealt with war and strife and pain for so long now that they have become part and parcel of our societies. This auspicious opening of the Portal will help all of us make the world a better place.

When the Portal opens, the power radiating from it widen our narrow horizons and we will become painfully aware of the hurdles that challenge all the people around us. We will be able to sense who has the greatest need of our assistance.

The Opening makes us all more empathetic, a valuable skill that has been largely ignored in a society that is obsessed with wealth and material goods.

At some point, all of us forgot the importance of caring, of being kind and compassionate. We’ve become so focused on our own ambitions that we’ve forgotten how to sacrifice for those who need us.

This change has made the world a toxic place to live in. The energy released by the Opening will be pure and spiritual.

It will pull us back, make us think and give us a strong anchor to hold on to. We will be able to concentrate more on those we care about and the kind of legacy we wish to leave behind.

Lastly, it is vital that you become part of this process with your eyes, heart and mind open. The world is on the brink of a transformation that will leave it a better place.

It is up to you to decide whether you want to be a part of these great changes or whether you simply wish to remain in the dark.

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