August 2018 Astrology Forecast: The Pieces Of The Puzzle Are Falling Into Place

by Conscious Reminder

“The secret to living the life of your dreams is to start living the life of your dreams today, in every little way you possibly can.”-Mike Dooley

Does this year make you question your long cherished beliefs? Do you feel like a lost soul in the midst of utter chaos and confusion? Have recent events made you all worked up and directionless?

Turns out the first eight months of this year were preparing you for the good times ahead. All your thoughts that you couldn’t transform into action will start falling into place. The current trend is your plans getting a tangible form like the pieces of a complicated puzzle. Retrogrades and sociable ethos are the main driving forces.

Blast From The Past

If you have constantly revisited your past, analyzed it in details, and tried to deal with the consequences in July then it is probably because of the retrograde planets. August 7-18 is the period when Venus and Jupiter were in retrograde. The action of Mercury and Mars will also affect you. You will have to deal with a large amount of mental breakdowns, shortcomings, drama during this time; so brace yourself. It is a seven-month retrograde for Uranus which will bring a lot of epiphanies in your life.

Make The Most Of It

Venus, the goddess of love, money, and beauty, will enter the Libra zone on 6th August. It is the best time to step out of your shell and talk to other people. Go to parties, stay back in class to interact, join a club – I promise something good will come out of it. From August 7, you’ll see your relationships flow smoothly. All that has ended in July has gone for good. This month, go out of your way and make the most of the beautiful environment.

It is also the time to dream big and take risks. Thinking of a brand new venture? Start right away. Love someone? Tell them. Want to invest in something? Do it. Carpe Diem, my friend.

Give It Time

The Sun enters into Virgo on 22nd August and a much anticipated event, the grand trine with Saturn and Uranus shall take place. This unique move of the celestial bodies is a sign that you should step out of your comfort zone too. Try something crazy and fun, chances are things will work out just fine. Do not procrastinate and delay what you should have already done. Life is too short to keep regrets, and when the stars are with you….why stop?

Saturn entered Capricorn last year in December and Uranus in Taurus on 15th May. Venus in Virgo formed a grand trine with them and began a phase of possibilities. August 25 is an auspicious day, when the Saturn and Uranus would perfect their trine. This basically means you’ve got the jackpot. All your pending projects will take form and you will see a whole new self.

Make Space

You have to, at some point in your life, clear the clutter. Be it unnecessary things that you collect, toxic people you cannot let go of, bad habits which you have trouble changing or anything that is holding you back. If you don’t make space for better things in life, how will you accommodate them? The universe can sense your energy. Throwing away unwanted things allows you to think differently. The Pisces Full Moon on August 26 will give you the necessary strength. Obviously you need to take the first step and decide what you wish to change.

Rise and shine! Namaste!

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