Another Planet Changes Direction: Uranus Retrograde On August 7th

by Conscious Reminder

Uranus stations retrograde on August 7th 2018 and ends on January 6th 2019. It’s the best time to practice flexibility and open-mindedness because it will bring a lot of drama into your personal life especially in regards with money, relationships and patience.

Uranus stations retrograde in aspect to a few planets including Venus, Mars and Saturn. Two of them are square Aspects, one Venus square Saturn and the other one Mars square Uranus. These two aspects may cause some trouble but there is a solution to every problem. The solution comes in the form of two trine aspects; Venus trine Mars and Saturn trine Uranus.

Venus wheel Square Saturn I have a lot of influence over your personal life mostly regarding love money and self-confidence. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly ran out ran out of money or have problems with your credit cards. This will add up to your frustration caused by your partner’s cold and distant behaviour and their need of personal space.

At times you will feel lonely and depressed but remember that most of our frustration comes from our own fears and criticism. You will definitely feel like procrastinating or exercising your laziness but this is the best time to put a lot of hard work into maintaining your relationships or building your career because you wouldn’t want to let down the people who expect your support.

The second challenge will appear because Mars will square Uranus and put your patience to test. Some of your bad-temperedness may resurface in the form of rushed out decisions and jumpy behavior.

You need to remember that the energies are spiking and are quite dynamic so the only way you will get a positive outcome of the situation is not to fight your creative urges, but express your craziest and most inventive aspects.

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