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The Ancient Practice Of Feng Shui Uses Water As A Cure

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by Conscious Reminder

The five elements of nature (wood, metal, water, earth, and fire) are the core of all Feng Shui practice. Of this water constitutes the “Shui” part of Feng Shui that can also be translated as water/wind.

It is important to remember that each property has unique characteristics and must be visited before applying water remedy to it in order to avoid any misfortunes later.

Characteristics of water

The sight and sound of water has a relaxing effect on people. According to Feng Shui, only hanging paintings of rivers and lakes will not be impactful. The gentle sound of clean water circulating inside/outside the house has many more benefits than just the pictorial site of it.

How much water is required?

The quantity of water plays an important role in Feng Shui. Too little or too much may not be the best practice. The volume of water should be proportional to the size of the building, i.e., gallons of it are required for large buildings while a fish tank or a small fountain is sufficient for a room. Painting the walls black or blue also helps in circulation of energy, though use of actual water is insisted upon.

Planning the direction of the flow of water

The right direction for the flow of water is very important in Feng Shui. A calculation of direction of the house in which it faces and when it was constructed helps in deciding the place for water. Be careful of novice writers’ works that can misguide you with suggestions like placing water near the entrance; it could sometimes lead to serious health issues. Do not follow schools of thought that associate North with water.

Remember that in the year 2018, the annual influence of the 5-star will affect the North sector and create possibilities for accidents and injuries by circulating negative energies around everyone.

The ideal site for water

It’s best that one seeks guided attention for this purpose. One can use the understanding of the 5-star or the annual influence for an excellent circulation of positive energies around them.

For instance, in the years 2018 and 2019, the yearly 4 stars, related to travel, creativity, and romance will be placed in South and North, respectively. Water can be used to enhance this particular “wood” type of energy.

In 2018, the yearly 7-star will be placed in the Eastern zone which is related to injury, betrayal, or deception. Since it is the “metal” kind of energy placing it near water will make it weak. Based on the calculation of their permanent and annual energies at this time, many people may have to place fire towards the East.

Before proceeding, read the property through a magnetic compass and divide the to-scale plan of the floor to understand the directional sectors.

The article is only a brief understanding of how water must be placed for good Feng Shui effects. Neither water nor other 4 elements are harmful for us unless carelessly placed without understanding their energy circulation, especially during annual changes.

Keeping water outside the building for remedial effects

According to old studies in Feng Shui, a property with a mountain behind it and a river outside is an ideal setting. However, this is applicable to only one of the 4 main types of house.

The benefits of water go beyond Feng Shui and studies have revealed that the molecules of water have retaining power, which responds to human influences. Since water has its own energy circulation, the water constituent in our body and the oceans around us both correspond to the lunar cycle.

And as we know, water has both nurturing and destructive sides to it, it depends on you how well you place it in your house.

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