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Are You Currently Experiencing Insomnia? Mercury Retrograde Might Be Affecting Your Sleep Patterns

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by Conscious Reminder

Mercury has a very fast orbit speed. As a result the length of a year in Mercury is just about 88 days on average.

Hence, on an average Earth year, we will find ourselves observing Mercury orbiting in reverse. This phenomenon, is also called the retrograde motion of Mercury, by astrologists and enthusiasts.

This phase is known to cause what astrologists call ‘brain fog’. This is basically something that comes from deeper original meanings.

Mercury, also called Hermes, was the Mediterranean god of communication and in extension ruled speech.

As a result, retrograde is all about miscommunication and intentions being backfired. As a result, there might arise emotional and societal issues in life all of a sudden. And what is more, this time is not fruitful for new beginnings.

Mercury is known as the messenger of the gods and the gods used to send messages as dreams. It is no surprise then that retrograde motion of the messenger planet makes it very difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

What does not help at all, is the fact that, Mercury rules the mind and nerves of individuals and hence has a profound effect on emotion and the way people perceive emotions.

So, it becomes very difficult to not get restless at night, when one needs sleep, thanks to this.

Dreams were considered to be prophetic all the time. It was always something that looked forward, be it as a bad portent or an omen of fortune.

The Romans, Greeks, Vikings, Chinese, every major civilisation hence had a rich tradition of soothsayers and prophets.

When in retrograde, it is obvious what happens hence. Mercury makes us dream of the past instead of the present/future. You end up remembering a lot and you end up thinking about things from the past a lot.

This is especially true about romantic relationships. Past lovers may make forays into your life and your dreams. This might affect your current relationships too.

These are, in the laymen terms, times when you feel like drunk texting your ex.

Do not do it. Control.

You get through 3-4 retrogrades a year and this is so different. You will be fine. Take some medication for a few days and try to sleep well.

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