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What Is A Soul Shock And How To Recognize It?

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by Conscious Reminder

What is a Soul Shock?

It is the kind of a strange feeling of annihilation in your partner which can make him/her move on in the relationship and also to avoid the person. It can also be experienced by a single partner in a twin flame relationship just the mirror image of soulmate.

Often it has the capability to ruin the relationship in the middle of the road if it is not rightly judged.

Instances of Soul Shock

It is always misinterpreted that only the chaser in a twin flame relationship experiences the soul shock. The runner also experiences it but the soul shock for both of them is little different. The runner just hides their agony while the chaser can’t.

Talking about Communication is the most vital part of every relationship, so in this way, twin shock can be easily tackled. Another best way to remove it is by not giving our sentiments of outrage a chance to engulf us.

Causes of a Shock

Mostly it is the result of the insecurities and fear that are sewn inside one. There are several other causes of the twin shock like the fears inside runner’s mind which might make him/her separate.

He/she also may have worn out past which is why they can’t trust anyone. It can always be treated in right ways. You are sad now that doesn’t mean you will be sad forever.

How to Stop a Soul Shock?

It can be always shaken away if both the persons in the relationship decide to stay in the relationship and make a perfect ending of the relationship. The runner must realize that the person who he/she is with is the same person he/she was in the past.

More so, the chaser in the relationship must also understand that what is the reason behind the runner to think like that was it heartbreak from the youth or just a dreadful past. They need to sit together; stay together and things will work out on their own without any extra effort.

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