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The September Full Moon Will Affect These Zodiac Signs The Most

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by Conscious Reminder

The September Full Moon will be coming up on September 13th. It’s time to accept the major transformations coming our way.

The Full Moon will slowly seep into the autumn equinox on September 22nd. The seasonal change is going to be a major one. So, expect the same change happening within you.

It’s going to be an emotional one too since the Full Moon will take place in Pisces. The intense energy can make you very anxious. Changes are never easy though – so, be prepared but don’t resist it.

The September Full Moon will affect these signs the most:


The workflow has increased and your brain is burdened with it. You are feeling overwrought with all the stress. You need a timeout and you need it badly.

But then, all the work is consuming you completely. You can’t even talk to your friends or family. Stay put – slowly, you will reappear in the social side as well. Once the burden gets lighter.


Pisces is opposite to Virgo. The Full Moon is taking place in Pisces and so, you know that it will hit you really hard. The dreaminess of Pisces will twist all your emotions into a swirl. You will feel a little bit out of your character.

However, be ready to pour your energy into your relationships. However, don’t go all out. Measure the time and see how much you invest in a relationship or a crush. Don’t lose yourself completely.


You are coming close to a breaking point and the Full Moon energy will be the catalyst. There will be a shift in your mindset and your routine schedule.

Maybe, it’s time to take an initiative and find the right balance between personal time and work. Reflect on what you actually need and then take a decision. Self-care is important and it can be your savior during this period.


People-pleasing is the thing that affects you the most. It takes control of you completely and leaves you exhausted. The Full Moon will be in your sign and so, you need to turn away from your people-pleasing habits.

Of course, you can make others happy, but don’t do it against your own happiness. Don’t worry about others so much so that you forget about YOU. Try to direct some of your kindness towards your own self.

Accept the change and try to take it as a positive move towards growth. Best of luck.

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