Meet Me When We Both Understand What Love Is

Remember that famous adage: “Timing is everything. But timing is a bitch”? That is probably the truest of all television series quotes I have come across in real times, well of course, after this particular one, which scared the living daylights out of me:

“Just accept the fact that love is rare and it probably won’t happen to you.”

After you are done googling and later enjoying Horace and Pete, let’s discuss a few things.

What is love to be honest? What is all the hoopla about it?

Well, this rare and indeterminate quality is a magical thing. It is unquantifiable and it is definitely not something that can be priced or evaluated. Every love is different and every person is different. There are possibilities beyond imagination.

Can You Deal With The Baggage?

What we can agree upon, is, given the fact that the world we live in is a social one, love comes with its baggage. There is the physical baggage of actually having to get off your ass and trying to look for it, and on finding it, fighting hard to keep it going and ever always looking to make things improve.

There is the mental baggage when things tumble a little and of course, there is the problem of sexuality that comes with age.

Things normally go down more often not because people stop loving each other; they go down more often because people are simply not ready enough to deal with the additional baggage.

Age is a huge factor. Different fruits take different times to ripen. So do people.

Puppy Love- A Myth?

Puppy loves and calf loves are only all about physicality. There is a lot of passion that can melt a young hear, kissing for the first time or well, having sex for the first time. Feels like the first time, itself, has become an adage. But it really is not.

What is important is you accept that you aren’t ready for the additional baggage, without hurting someone else’s feelings, or doing something stupid like cheating.

Wait, be ready and then and only then make the promises of staying forever. Commitments as words are easy to utter, but as promises, are really hard to keep.

Respect them, once they are made. Otherwise, don’t make them in the first place, and wait.

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