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The Weekly Horoscope 29th July – 4th August 2019

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by Conscious Reminder

This week try giving more preference to the younger members of the family. The professional and the personal planets are balanced finely, which should be good news.

Here is the complete horoscope for all the zodiac signs:


However much you might want to run away from financial problems, they would never let you leave. Precisely why you would also do well to try increasing your own income. People in the business of real estate are well off.


Seek your own interests before others- the early bird catches the worm. But you might find it interesting to note that the planets might be assisting your partner, so it would do you good to link up with them.


We understand that you don’t really have much time to waste whilst awake, so you are always busy. In fact, the only time you are free is when you are asleep. Even then, you might find something wrong, probably because your dreamscape is so active. Don’t go off track, things will look towards the better, as you resolve an old family mystery.


It is time for you to actually go out, meet people, and have fun. Let go of the drudgery and monotony of life, and enjoy the thrill of being a social personality. You might also find someone sharing your own interests.


The very conjunction of Mercury and the Sun is going to bestow upon you the gift of brilliance. therefore don’t forget to develop your ideas. Also, remember not to shoot your mouth when you don’t really know things. A wise man speaks less and listens more.


Do things sooner. Legal matters – dispose of them fast. Vacation – go today. Old family issues- go back to the past if possible and bring out clues for the present.


Trust in your instincts while making a financial decision and you would find it succeeding. But also, you need to realize that your partner might not be capable of giving you the time or support that you so need now. So, be your own wall for the time being.


Be positive. Work towards your relationship – sort out problems, if any. Try to make things work in your family. Domestic ties are of paramount importance during this period, so look closely into them. Although, you might get perplexed by some of your colleague’s ideas.


Time is of the essence, as you need to work. All you need to do is believe in yourself, and hustle better and faster. Remember to work on your relationship and on your domestic life. The sooner you complete your work, the more time you would have on hand.


Your professional and personal lives would be balanced perfectly. In your domestic sphere, try to spend more time with the younger generation. With them, try to bring out the child in you. If you feel some creativity bubbling inside, don’t let it die.


Even though there have been attempts to sabotage your stability, they could be more a part of your imagination than reality. Still, try getting support from the people who know you the best, and keep your feet grounded. And, you shouldn’t expect support from your partner, if you aren’t willing to give it. Support them too when the time comes.


You wouldn’t find happiness by being in the same place for long periods of time, so it is best you move periodically. Don’t think about your partners as basically being your puppet, but actively help build the relationship. Else, you might lose out on something spectacular.

Try to follow the horoscope and have a safe week ahead.

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