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Neptune Stations Direct December 3rd: Illusion vs. Reality

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by Conscious Reminder

Neptune is a planet of feminine energy, along with Venus. It represents everything in our life that is ideal, noble, transcendent, hazy, and spiritual because she is the contemporary ruler of Pisces.

It is the source of our sense of worldliness and empathy. Neptune also exemplifies how humans deal with loss, addiction, delusion, and illusion. After spending six months in retrograde, during which we were able to lift the veil and see things for what they are, Neptun is stationing direct on December 3rd, taking us down the rabbit hole again.

Use Neptune’s Energy To Explore Your Emotions

If your dreams help you navigate the challenging parts of life, you might even come to accept the fact that you can continue to believe in them.

It almost seems as though things need to become hazy before they can become clear when Neptune stations retrograde. Knowing this will give you the ability to control all of the forthcoming insight. Pay attention to your gut feelings, practice patience, and immerse yourself in the practice of being motionless and introspection.

Neptune retrograde is truly all about self-examination! Avoid getting swept up in a spectacular whirlwind because doing so will just cause more confusion. When there is calm and gentle observation, clarity seems to come.

Like other planets, Neptune has both its bright sides and its dark sides. Neptune encourages sacrifice, loss, infatuation, addiction, seduction, drama, fashion, makeup, and escapism at its finest and worst. We frequently use the planet’s lower or higher vibration without considering the effects, so it’s critical to comprehend how to channel the creative energy for one’s profit.

Use The Time To Introspect 

This is the ideal period to examine your innermost ideas and dreams through self-development, therapy, counseling, journaling, meditation, spiritual practices, art, music, and any other soul activities. The first step to achieving freedom is to be curious about oneself!

A wonderful opportunity to address self-medicating or avoidant behaviors is now. Work to replace them with constructive coping strategies and restorative routines. Most importantly, Neptune direct is a lovely opportunity to connect with your goals as thoroughly as you can while fully understanding that you have the power to make them come true.

To compose a book or develop your style, use Neptune’s innovative and sensitive nature. It will be simple to apply and bring your dreams to life so long as you aren’t leaning into the planet’s lower frequency.

It’s crucial to welcome the universal emotions that Neptune takes from our subconscious and delivers to our hearts and brains since Neptune is a dream builder. Therefore, as Neptune progresses, we need to exercise caution and mindfulness in how we channel this powerful energy.

But don’t be discouraged; we can still create wonderful effects with the aid of Neptune’s mystical power. The waves of Neptune don’t necessarily portend doom and gloom. Under the watch of this planet, we can know pure and selfless love and comprehend our feelings.

We may harness the power of Neptune’s energy to build the society we want, one tiny baby step and dream at a time, via self-care, meditation, and patience.

The Neptune retrograde cycle will start up again on June 30, 2023, and end on Dec 6, 2023. This provides us plenty of time to experience our feelings and get buried in the mist until the next Neptunian backspin, when we may face our anxieties and comprehend our feelings.

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