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Beware Of These 6 Warning Signs That Indicate Emotional Exhaustion

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by Conscious Reminder

Psychological burnouts are anxious states which a lot of people experience, and they do not even realize it; however, the damage that the prolonged exhaustion causes may be devastating.

When people go through prolonged periods of stress, for example from their job, relationships, or major crisis in life, there is a huge possibility that they have experienced so-called emotional exhaustion.

When people are burnt out on an emotional level, it makes them feel powerless. Emotional exhaustion is a specific state which includes not just the physical symptoms exhaustion carries, like headaches, fatigue, sleep difficulties, or changes in the appetite, but different psychological experiences of low motivation, frustration, hopelessness, and helplessness.

Here we will present you the six signs indicating emotional exhaustion, which every one of us should pay attention on, as it can have serious consequences for our physical and mental health when it is not checked.

Our mood is constantly down, irritable or pessimistic.

Emotional exhaustion is able to affect our mental health differently. It can lead to anxiety or depression, directly, whether some of the symptoms may lead to anxiety and depression, but indirectly.

For instance, disrupted sleep can make us even more vulnerable when it comes to anxiety and depression. Emotional exhaustion occurs when we have exceeded our capability for stress, so this may indeed worsen our mood. Some feelings of depression, chronic irritability, and hopelessness will also be common.

We are feeling emotionally numb.

When we feel detachment or numbness, they are a powerful indication that our stress impacts our mental health. A burnout or emotional exhaustion means more than having a terrible day.

When we feel disconnected or emotionally numb, it will be the sign that we experience major distress. That’s why we have to check in with our trusted therapist. Our friends can also help us discover the problem’s root, as they will support us.

Feeling unmotivated.

In fact, emotional exhaustion may really negatively affect our motivation. When we don’t feel enthusiastic about our job, relationships, or even projects which we were excited about in the past, then there is probably a burnout which drains our energy reserves.

Feeling of failure.

Feeling stuck, hopeless, and helpless are the key signals of this condition. People who are burned out can feel as they don’t have anything else to give.

Emotional exhaustion may leave us to feel as our best efforts are not enough for the situation’s demands, making us feeling ineffective and discouraged too.

We feel exhausted.

By definition, emotional exhaustion drains on several levels. Sometimes, it can make us feel trapped or even leaves us to feel extremely tired on a physical level.

As emotional exhaustion may have severe consequences for our health on different levels, we should pay attention if we have troubles sleeping, or the levels of energy significantly decreased over time.

We cannot concentrate.

For those that suffer from this common issue, brain fog will be the most common problem. According to researches, burnouts may seriously harm our cognitive capacity, so we will definitely have troubles in focusing our attention, making plans, or remembering things.

When we find ourselves in that state, our priority has to be our wellbeing. We have to remember that we are the most important, and nothing else is.

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