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Twin Flame Relationships And Their Unbreakable Everlasting Love

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Twin flame relationships are super special. They are a match made in heaven, the Universe coming together to unite two souls made for each other. The spark of their love is far more special than earthly relationships.

What makes a twin flame relationship so special is the strong connection they have. Their hearts and souls are linked to each other, they can always feel their partner’s presence. They love each other so much that they do not wish to stay apart.

An intense connection such as this helps them to communicate with each other, be it feelings, information or other facts. This link exists ever since they were united together and is of great significance to the lovers.

Although the souls were conjoined in the spiritual dimension, their arrival on earth in physical forms made them rely on this connection to stay aware of each other.

This bond is superior and can never be broken by any means and was specially made to face earthly conflicts that might this target the couple to break them apart.

In some cases, twin flames might also share a connection through negative emotions like fear, possessiveness, envy and so on which needs to be healed.

It’s essential for the twin flames to always have high vibrational energy in order to channel the love and light their bond possesses.

Furthermore, twin flames have the ability to heal each other physically and spiritually through the power of sexual union and love.

When they experience a chakra orgasm together it fills them with energy and positivity, illuminating their cores and the bond that unites them.

This energetic spiritual union re-ignites the Kundalini energies which positively impacts the body and mind and also brings forth spiritual epiphany. It also strengthens the bond through which twin flames communicate.

During the intimacy, an exchange of high vibrational energy takes place, creating a balance and also getting rid of all the negativity that clogs their system. New energy might even get into the body through this union.

Twin Flame sexuality is essentially spiritual and it can lead them to the highest truth.

No matter whether they are lovers or siblings, their union- sexual, emotional or psychological-brings forth healing and growth, for all!

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