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3 Simple Methods To Give Your Aura A Quick Scrub

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

At times you feel a little off without any rhyme or reason. It so happens that you spill your coffee, get honked, break a cup, hurt someone’s feelings or face a creative block.

More importantly, all these take place as soon as you wake up in the morning. After this you forget to pay a bill, a rejection comes your way, your might break down, or an old flame reappears. In short, nothing goes right!

These times are rare but they do happen and leave you devastated for some time. These moments make you think about ‘energy’ and the ways in which you can spike it up. This impulse is usually known as cleansing one’s aura. For that, we first need to understand what an aura is.

Our aura is the energetic body. It is a vibrant reflection of our emotional being. The constantly transforming emotions also change our aura because the aura is like a bubble inside which our body inhabits. Aura is responsible for controlling our vibes. Consequently, we must keep our aura free, whole, and clean.

Here are 3 very helpful tips to keep our energetic bubble well-maintained.

I: Breathing Process

A human has a million ways of breathing. As a result, there are numerous breathing exercises that might help us in cleansing our aura. One such beneficial exercise is taking 3 deep and steady breaths through our nose, pumping our diaphragm, and exhaling them through small and sharp breaths. This process is known as ‘Kundalini’ meaning the breath comprising of fire.

Very sensitive humans and empaths frequently imbibe the experiences and emotions of others because they have a huge emotional capacity while bottling up their own emotions and thoughts.

Do this exercise for at least 3 minutes or more, depending upon the capacity and time of each person. This process is extremely helpful in strengthening our aura in a way that helps us distinguish our feelings, sensations, and thoughts and develop individuality.

II: Express Through Writing

The Reiki master then advises us to find a quiet, private space without any form of distraction and write to untangle our muddled thoughts and feelings. Turning off the phone and lighting a candle might also help in expressing our darkest and most confusing thoughts and writing them down on a piece of paper.

Writing for 10 minutes every day can also keep our aura relatively positive and wholesome. When our emotions are wild, we must try writing quickly and furiously to let the words flow out and clear our minds.

You can also try setting a timer to time your writing process each day. Writing is of utmost importance as it helps in releasing pent up emotions and not keeping them repressed.

III: Smudging

Smudging also helps to cleanse our aura. It is a process of lighting sage and letting the scented smoke waft all around our bodies. The perfume engulfs us and reaches into our body and mind through breathing and staying calm in it.

The palo santo gradually works like a magic by outlining the silhouette of our body. Lighting an additional selenite lamp can also improve the process of clearing the aura and feeling light and energized.

Urban working people are in need of cleansing their aura regularly. Indulging in these 3 easy processes not only reinvigorates the aura but brings some quality time that one can spend alone and acquire the much-needed peace.

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