December’s Horoscope Says 2019 Is Going Away With A Bang

by Conscious Reminder

This year has been quite a ride, but as it comes to an end- things will change. With Jupiter moving into Capricorn, and Pluto and Saturn joining it, you can expect prosperity.

More than that, it will simply lead to endings, conclusions, and destructions of things that were troubling you.

Here’s how the year would be for you.


You can’t avoid people, you know? And you shouldn’t really cut yourself off from the world when all it is going to do is improve your mental faculties. Society and friendships are important in the long run and you would do well to not avoid them. Embrace life around you, and as the year gets over, you will find yourself armed with knowledge and connections.


Have some patience in the workings of the Universe. It will set you right. Don’t always believe in hastily doing things or lofty ideas that come hard at you. You might get disappointed that the idea that you had isn’t all that good. Then what? So, why not keep goals realistic, and as the year ends, mold yourself along with the ways of the Universe? Patience is key.


You need to gather that courage that is already present in your psyche. Stop associating yourself with things that simply tend to hurt you, or break you down. Meditate, exercise, do whatever that gives you peace. And follow through on that. Take care of yourself.


It’s time to party, we get that. Now while your excellent hospitable manners would be in the spotlight, remember to not overwork yourself. Also, the well-being of others is definitely not your responsibility. So, seek out for yourself, and let others help you out wherever possible.


Everything takes time. This doesn’t mean that you let go of your patience and determination. This year has been tough, we know. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t even see things from a different point of view. Work from a different angle and things would be prospering for you regardless.


Life can slip out of control at times, you know? December especially might get terribly reckless for you. But to make sure that it is a temporary slip and not a permanent thing, stretch yourself out, and relax at appropriate times. Move with the river, and you would soon find the control you seek.


Remember, there is no happiness in material pleasures. This holiday season, as you get by with new stuff, all you will have is new stuff…and less money. Money doesn’t ensure happiness and this month will inform you of that.


The future is obviously important, but not so much that you forget how the present is. Embrace it, soak it, bring it inside you, and feel the pleasure that comes from it. You know what you want, and what you want is the present to make you alive. So, let it make you feel alive.


Life is all about enjoying the moments that come by, instead of actively searching for them. You need to live in between the moments of consciousness- truly satisfied and content in who you are. Achieving goals will definitely give you pleasure, but that is going to be temporary- real pleasure comes from the journey and not the destination.


Take a break without thinking about how it goes against your very notions of working for freedom. Even if you decide to simply hang around the house, you aren’t harming anyone. In fact, you would be much rejuvenated, and that’s what you need.


It is all about what you think, what you want, and to what extent. Manifestations can get powerful, and if you really seek something, the Universe is going to get you that. Don’t worry.


Don’t make friends with the hope of fulfilling their expectations or that they will fulfill yours. You are simply to support each other, no matter what. But the sad reality is people shame others when their expectations aren’t met. Don’t befriend such people.

Let the year-end bring all the happiness to you that you deserve.

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