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Mercury Retrograde For 2021 Is Over, This Is What To Expect Next

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by Conscious Reminder

For the majority of the previous month, Mercury had been retrograding in Libra.

As a result, it has caused a lot of havoc: stirring drama in relationships, breaking our technology, as well as disrupting the communication skills that we needed a lot.

Finally, on 18th October, the Mercury retrograde ended. However, although the retrograde energy may be over, we are not in the clear just yet.

The Retroshade Zone Is Still There

After the end of a Mercury retrograde, something known as the retroshade zone begins. This time it will be present till 2nd November. During this period, astrologers say, the wonkiest and wildest things can occur.

They add that since Mercury is currently in Libra, an air sign, we should expect relationship drama and gossip. This is when secrets are spilled over the coffee table.

But that is not everything that happens right now. According to astrology, this is also the time when we try to fix what is broken and ask to be forgiven. It is an ideal time for healing relationships and situations that have had issues when the actual Mercury retrograde was taking place.

It is a rocky period but it can also give us the chance to fix the damage caused by the chaos of Mercury retrograde. As communication is starting up once more, this is the chance to actually make use of the things we learned at the time of the retrograde.

The healing opportunity will be aided by an important configuration. It started on 15th October and ended on 19th October. It is Mercury’s opposition to the Chiron retrograde happening in Aries during the final days of its own retrograde.

This had most probably brought out past insecurities and made us revisit depressing relationship situations where we were not seen or heard.

It may sound negative, however, it is not. This is the chance to confront these insecurities directly – the only method of moving past them. Astrologers suggest that talking about these with a person whom we deeply trust will result in deep healing.

A Time For Clarity, And Patience

We might also be feeling extra-clear at the time of the retroshade as well. This will be beneficial since the Mercury retrograde was all about fogginess.

According to astrologers, the level of clarity offered by this retroshade will be particularly heightened. The reason is it takes place in Libra, the ruler of the mind.

So make sure to put time aside for brainstorming sessions. Charge onwards with the big ideas you have, and simply allow your mind to wander. Mercury retrograde will no longer be an obstacle in your creative river. So this is the time for regaining control of your life.

However, even if the fog is lifted by Mercury going direct, we have to remain patient till 2nd November. This is because we have not yet healed from the retrograde motions of the planet. So it might take some time to start something off. The advice here is to be forgiving with others and ourselves.

An important astrological event is also the Aries Full Moon on 20th October, immediately after Mercury stations direct. This lunation will also be exposing secrets and making some past repressed anger resurface.

Libra season was all about balancing our relationships. You can think of this as the culmination of all that since Libra season will end in a short while after Mercury stations direct.

The previous month was in tatters. Now, the best method of getting through the direct turn of Mercury is by being honest, open, and using the best of your communication skills.

Laying it all out in the open will be beneficial, particularly if you are surrounded by people you have trust in.   

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