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Soulmates Are A Lot More Than Lovers, They Are Teachers

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

A lot of us believe that a soulmate is someone who will suddenly walk into our lives and make everything perfect, and “complete” us as if we were mot whole individuals before we met them.

This, quite believably (come on, you know you did not think that a soulmate would solve all your problems, now, did you?) untrue. A soulmate comes into your life to add value to your life by giving you lessons about life and the world.

They are not here to set your life into a whirlwind, they are here to set things straight the way they were always meant to be.

Now, this can be a little hard to digest because of the years of conditioning, movies- I am looking at you. Not only that, there have always existed books, trends and tales of love that makes the world go round.

The funny thing is that a soulmate does not always even have to be a romantic partner, it might be someone you are friends with, your brother, sister, anyone.

Their purpose in your life is to teach you everything you need to know and that is never easy so a soulmate relationship is nowhere close to the general ideals of soulmate relationships in pop culture.

They are in fact the most challenging, because they really push you to do the best you can in any situation, they make you angry, frustrate you and what not- because diamonds are born under pressure.

An easy relationship never teaches you anything because you are never put to a test of any kind. 

Your soulmate will annoy you the most, too. Having said all of that, never confuse toxicity with someone pushing you for your own good. There is always a line so love yourself enough to recognize that. 

All in all, your soulmate is not a knight in shining armour or the pretty girl with the most calming smile. It is someone who makes you crazy but also motivates you to keep going until your goals are reached.

Your soulmate will not turn the world around but will teach you how to.

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