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Sturgeon Full Moon Rising In Aquarius August 15th: Gentle Energies To Restore Your Balance

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by Conscious Reminder

15th August 2019 is bringing to us a very bright Full Moon in Aquarius.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac calls this August Full Moon the “Sturgeon Moon” because the Sturgeon fish can be caught in abundance during this phase in the Great Lakes of USA. Some other names of this Moon are Grain Moon, Green Corn Moon, and Red Moon.

After the intensity of the July eclipses, this Full Moon offers some respite. The intentions we planted with the February Aquarius New Moon are now set to come to fruition.

Sturgeon Full Moon In Aquarius

A Full Moon is usually associated with heightened feelings and emotions. But this Full Moon in the air sign of Aquarius will be lighter for our emotions. Precautions still must be maintained as this Moon has the Sun, Mars, and Venus in opposition.

Full Moons give us the push to release extra baggage and make difficult choices. This Sturgeon Full Moon will give you the urge to let go of old friendships and goals which are not in sync with your current self.

This will create the space to welcome new people and dreams who serve your future cause better. The focus will be on maintaining a balance between authority and leadership as you want to become more involved in the community.

The Planets And The Sturgeon Moon

The Sun conjuncts with Venus making the Sturgeon Moon radiate warmth and love. This is a time to harmonize the balance between romance and friendships.

Mars is in its usual path of creating conflict by fuelling our ego and making us short-tempered. Letting go of these qualities will lead you to your authentic self, which does not require you to always be right or control the people around you.

Use the Full Moon’s energy to assert yourself but be mindful of others. Try to redirect your anger to avoid being snappy.

Focus on your communication because Uranus is still squaring Mercury in Leo. Uranus’ impulsiveness may land you in trouble with your words, but it can also lead to genius ideas. Try to avoid drama either way.

Jupiter square Neptune reminds you to ground your ideals in reality during this Aquarius Full Moon.

3 Tips To Prosper In The Sturgeon Full Moon:

1. Relinquish old dreams for newer ones

The Sturgeon Full Moon is set to bring you some great opportunities in the coming week. But to receive this blessing, you have to let go of dreams which no longer serve your well-being. Focus on the future ahead, the past -its people and goals- do not offer anything new.

2. Come out of unnecessary friendships

All of us are constantly evolving. While we all like to relish an old friend, sometimes it’s not for the best. This Full Moon will tell you to come out of any unnecessary friendships you are holding onto. They do not serve your future and will only weigh you down. Avoid drama and let them off easy. This will create space for the right people to enter your life soon!

3. Harmonize the self and the group

Leo’s influence will make you turn self-oriented but Aquarius is pushing you towards the group. Focus your energies to create a harmonious balance between taking care of your individuality and of the group.

In Conclusion

The Sun, Venus, the planet of love, and Mars are combining their powers to warm up the Aquarius Sturgeon Full Moon. It will have warmth, romance, passion, and dynamism. Compromise is on the cards so control your temper when it comes to your insecurities.

Be mindful of your words and stay grounded because Uranus won’t be easy to handle now. Your love for the community requires the sacrifice of your ego for a balanced experience.

Stay safe and enjoy the blessings of the Aquarius Sturgeon Full Moon!

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