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You Can Ask The Universe For A Sign And This Is How To Do It

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by Conscious Reminder

We all like miracles and a little magic. We find small and nifty ways to keep hoping that someone special will happen in the course of our mundane lives that will make us a bit less fatigued; a pleasant surprise of kinds.

The thing is, we have all come a long way along, away from nature’s ordained path of godliness. Every mythology has a way of depicting this too: Hindus for example claim that dharma, or faith which exists as a sacred bull stands on one single leg in this dark-age. This is simply because human beings refuse to be righteous and virtuous.

However, it is not like God has stopped batting an eyelid at the sufferings of his children. Thing is one must ask him for help.

One must bridge the gap that divides man and maker and learn to traverse the straight and narrow towards him.

The first and most important step is to believe in God’s miracles and to be a good person who would deserve his help. And one of the simplest ways of becoming a better person is by never ever lying or being cruel.

But that is really a very passive way of asking for divine assistance.

The active way is through meditation and chanting. Depending on your faith, you should start chanting. In seclusion and in loneliness, people find God most conveniently, because he resides within us; the thing is, throughout the day, given how we live in such loud environments we remain away from him.

Meditate, and after closing your eyes, imagine a thin stream of light descending from heaven engulfing you. Bathe in it.

Ask your questions to God, and before he answers, look for possible answers from within you. Pray that he commands the universe and pulls the strings in such a way that you receive a miracle; a small token sign that will tell you all is well.

Be sincere, truthful and thankful.

After you are done meditating, salute him in the way your faith demands and thank him one last time. Before opening your eyes imagine the light ascending towards the heavens.

Hope and wait. And chant. Repeat.

Good things for those who wait.


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