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Don’t Expect To Be Treated Like A Queen Unless You Treat Him Like A King

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There are a lot of women in the world who have dreamed throughout their entire life of finding their very own Prince Charming. You dream and fantasize daily of having a man that embodies strength and other great qualities.

You may desire for him to have brown hair, eyes that are green, some groomed facial hair and a beautiful smile. Of course, you want someone that is equipped with wisdom so that you can hang on to every word that he utters.

He would have an amazing personality dripping with kindness and love, similar to the guy you read about in your last romance novel. Maybe you want him take special care of his health and hygiene. This list is never-ending. Settling for less is not an option.

You want your Prince Charming and there is nothing wrong with that. This is something women all over the world have been taught concerning marriage and relationships. Though we never would want to compromise or lower our standards for love, this idea can sometimes be misleading.

There is so much more involved when finding your one true love. Wanting the best for yourself is a priority that should not be neglected. No one will think of you in a bad manner for wanting this. You are a woman and are well deserving of finding a man who fits all of your needs and requirements.

One thing women don’t always take into account is that men also deserve the same. Men also have the right to want the best for themselves. This means they deserve to find the woman that fits both their needs and wants as well. So, when you are checking qualities off your list, you should be aware of the checklist that he has.

Growing up you were probably told by an older person that you should make a list of all the things you would want in your significant other. After creating a list like this, you were probably informed that this would help you avoid any guy that doesn’t fit your needs or doesn’t deserve to be with you in a relationship. You may have listed that you want a guy who is physically fit, tall, dark and handsome.

What everyone has failed to realize is how selfish this act is. Not once has anyone considered that the man has wants and needs to be fulfilled. No one ever thinks of how they can better themselves to become the woman that he needs. Instead, women normally think about themselves and this is not a healthy way to start a relationship that thrives. It is time for a change.

The way society has been constructed constantly influences men and women to seek the things we are deserving of in life. Here is a way to look at it:

Are you constantly working to improve upon yourself? Can you meet your Prince Charming’s needs? Just as you don’t want something or someone in your life who doesn’t serve you well, neither does he.

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