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Today’s Scorpio New Moon Brings Intense Energies: Ask Your Angels For Guidance

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by Conscious Reminder

This Wednesday, on the 7th of November, we will have the ability to see the New Moon which occurs in the sign of Scorpion.

It is going to be an incredibly intense period as it is directed, as well as guided by Angles. You are going to have the capacity to feel the presence of these divine creatures, no matter what type of prayer or even ceremony you perform during this period.

However, there is no need for you to see this lunation or do the spiritual job during the night, as the Moon will happen at day time and also during the night.

This lunar cycle will stimulate new starts in the watery sign Scorpio. It will be a time to focus on the positive traits of this sign, such as focused, profound, passionate, probing, resourceful, as well as perspective, and take into consideration how you can incorporate them positively in your life. The New Moon in this water sign is generally a good one for working the self-control skills.

You have to point out certain things in life which actually make you feel unrestricted, like debts, additions, as well as emotional burdens.

You should ask angels to aid you in releasing and freeing you from each of the motions which made you a prisoner.

You should list several things which you may wish to occur for you during this period. Then, ask angels to aid you in sending your wishes in the Universe, so it is going to open and receive some blessings in life.

This lunation is a fortunate cycle in which you can actually explore the things that are not present in our life which take us to participate in some self-destructive conducts.

It is an opportunity for getting rid of the ‘trash’ in our life, being it material or even spiritual. Also, with the powerful energy of Scorpio, we will have the opportunity to make some significant changes in life.

We will learn to dig more profound into all those mysteries which surround us, as well as understand people’s motives which will enrich intimacy feelings, as well as feelings of forgiveness or the sense of importance.

The New Moon also aligns with the planet Mercury, which will be a dominant period for some new perceptions, together with the feeling that we move ahead and we grow.

As it is a time of planting new seeds, it is also sometimes referred to as the Seed Moon – which is a period of fresh starts. The phases of the Moon will also impact our emotions, body, as well as the mind in different ways.

Also, it will bring times of balance and calmness, in that way also bringing acceptance or energy, saying that everything can be performed. We advise you to use this New Moon time in order to plant your seeds of new plans for the lunar cycle which follows.

It will be quite significant to pull all your energy inside, being the brightest light, as well as showing the biggest love we possibly can.

You should also fill yourself with thoughts of making some changes during this period, which are going to help this world in being a better place in all the possible ways.

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