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What If People Began To Understand How Their Feelings Are Created

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Did you know that we can create the whole magnificent spectrum of the rainbow by just using 3 different colours – Red, Blue, and Yellow?

Red, Blue and Yellow are our primers in colour. They are the foundation. By mixing them in different ways, on different levels we can produce the whole visible spectrum of colours. Isn’t it fascinating? And simple, once you understand how it works…

This made me think of how humans create our experience I am thinking that the spectrum of colours corresponds to the whole range of human emotions. From the most uncomfortable to the most delightful we could ever imagine.

If we long for a little green we only need to do something with blue and yellow.
If we are dying for purple we merely need to squint at red and blue.
Understanding the nature of the primers surely simplifies things, doesn’t it?

And if we by mistake happen to create an undesirable mixture we can just scrape it off and start all over again. Imagine if we could do the same thing with undesirable feelings and emotions.

But does purple really exist? Or green? Upon first gaze we see a different colour but when we consider how purple is created we are not so sure any more. “Purple” is starting to dissolve a little bit, like the illusions of the magician once we understand how the illusions is created. The illusions of the trick is still there but we are not buying into the feeling of amazement any longer. I wonder how people reacted when they first saw the sawing the lady in half act.

“Don’t be alarmed”, someone exclaims. “It’s not purple, it is just red and blue together!

To play around with our “primers” and create any experience seems to be one of humanity’s most developed skills. It has given us things like everyday atrocities that surround us and brings darkness to our minds to things that moves us deeply. Like a favourite piece of music, to watch the sun play in the ocean’s waves, a nice cup of tea, a smiling person, a lovely spring day or the sound of a stream of water nearby.

What seems to have been lost is that we, unfortunately, seem to have forgotten how our experience and emotions are created. Actually I don’t think it is a matter of forgetting – nobody has probably ever told us how it works in the first place.

I think our forgetfulness is on a different level – we have forgotten that we really don’t know how our own mind works.

But do we really want to know?

What if we learn that we are capable of creating anything? That every emotion and feeling ever created was created by none else than ourselves.

Sounds like a GREAT responsibility, someone thinks.
What an opportunity, another one thinks.

Imagine what we could create if we start to explore the primers. What if more people would turn their attention away from the large spectrum of ever moving colours and started to get curious and explore how these primers work. How could we ever fully understand the spectrum if we don’t understand the source?

The gallery we have at our disposal is our own lives and one planet. Each and one of us is an artist with our own brush.

Maybe the time has come to put the brush down for a while and start to look where we dip our brush.

About the Author: Patrik Rowinskibelieves in cooperation and he enjoys to support anyone who has a sincere will to change. He works as a Mental Health Consultant and Three Principles Facilitator and supports personal and organisational growth through conversations, lectures and in his writing.

Get in touch or learn more through patrikrowinski.se.

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