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Find Out How Each Zodiac Sign Falls In LOVE

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by Conscious Reminder

You might be the world’s greatest but you’ll be flying solo unless you know how each zodiac sign falls in love…


Aries is the risk taker. Once you set your mind on something you are determined and there is nothing that can stop you from reaching your goal, whatever that might be. Aries is a natural born leader, and even in love they are the one in charge. Even though you are impulsive, and a bit harsh on the edges, there is also a romantic side to you, so you make a good and exciting lover.


The Taurus is really into crude passion. You are a fervent lover and sometimes, your intensity scares your partners away or it gives them a hard time getting on the same level with you.

Taurus falls instantly but only for the people he or she feels the strongest connection with, whether it’s a physical or psychological.


You are all about sharing every aspect of your life with your partner.
Gemini are not famous for being keen on isolation and solitude. Once you’ve found your ideal partner, you get a little bit clingy, wanting to spend every single minute in the presence of your significant other. You fall fast and hard, but you also stay devoted and dedicated to your partner.


Cancer is famous for being the life long devoted lover. No matter where life takes you, if you were born under this star sing, once you fall in love, it’s forever. Cancers are not cut out for flings and meaningless relationships. They look for serious partners willing to spend eternity together.

Cancers are warm and nurturing and they have a special way of showing love and appreciation. If you are a Cancer, you know that happiness lies in the little things and details.


You are the type of person who just pulls love into your orbit, there are probably several great people in love with you at any given time.

In fact, everything a Leo wants is to find a devoted person full of understanding. Someone they can share their passion for life with and go on adventures. So, once you have found this person, you fall, slowly but surely.

It’s difficult for you to admit that you have fallen in love, even to yourself, but as soon as you do, it feels just perfect, like it was meant to be all along.


You can sometimes be a little too concerned with playing it cool. This makes you hard to read for potential partners, so falling in love gets a bit confusing for everybody initially.

Virgos have a naturally highly developed intuition, so as soon as they pick up on the feelings a person is developing for them, they spring into action and become very enthusiastic.

Interestingly enough, the otherwise cool Virgo, is very intuitive and isn’t afraid to take a leap of faith!


You are very capable of an intimate love, but you believe in a solid, tried and true foundation too.

Libras are governed by logic! They tend to overthink everything, and love is no exception. If you are a Libra, you know how important stability and security are to you. You can be fiery and passionate, but you prefer to work slowly towards a healthy and long lasting relationship. You strongly believe that love has to be earned.


Scorpios are the deep souls of the zodiac. Sometimes, they can be intense and too much to handle, but the reason for it is that they feel and see beyond the first layer.

You need vivacity and adventure in every day and there’s nothing that makes you feel more alive than falling in love with someone new!

Unfortunately this also means you’ve got to figure out a way to keep the flame hot, which can be done but takes a good amount of extra effort and commitment.


As the generally very reserved Sagittarius, falling in love is like flipping your world upside down. When you start to fall all of your rules and inhibitions go right out the window.

You feel your love with joy and wild abandon and sometimes you make crazy impulsive decisions, but they usually turn out to be good ones, even if they bring a little chaos into your life.

You fall in love like a flower that’s been waiting it’s whole life to bloom. Tenderly and beautifully.


Capricorns are the steady ones. Their favorite type of relationship is serious and stable. Capricorns are not much of an adventure people, so if you are only looking for a short fling, you better not even try. However, if you are ready to devote yourself to a Capricorn, he or she will be the most loyal and passionate lover you have ever had.


Has your partner got the biggest heart in the world? I bet he or she is an Aquarius! These are special people. Their forte is attention. Aquarius knows that the most expensive gift you could give a person is our time and attention. They are selfless lovers and will love you to their last atom. This lights up the fire in the bedroom!


Pisces is the sweetheart. They are lovable, but in the same time strong and resilient. However, sometimes, Pisces tend to become very emotional and sensitive, which puts a lot of pressure on their partners. Even the smallest fight will ruin their day if not week. Be careful during rocky times not to lose sight of yourselves.

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