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7 Signs People With Real Spiritual Gifts Show

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by Conscious Reminder

Spiritual gifts are the talk of the town these days. And though all of us have some special talent of our own, the extent of it can vary from person to person.

However, having a gift is not the same as being a witch. The major differences include:

  • Sometimes, people born with really strong gifts choose to not pursue these talents. They may ignore them or embrace them as they wish.
  • Being a witch has nothing to do with having really strong gifts from birth. They can also be developed and perfected over the lifetime.
  • As mentioned above, it is a personal choice whether one wants to develop their gifts or not.
  • And thus, natural born witches are ones who were born with powerful gifts and chose to enhance them further and thus making their powers even more potent.

The 7 Signs of having a Spiritual gift are:

1. You get affected by the lunar cycle, unlike other people. This is because the new moon and full moon are the times when nature and its magic are at their strongest. This is the time when you feel your gifts being replenished as moon fills you with new strength.

2. Other than specific time in the month, there is also a specific time during the course of a day when all magical powers are their strongest. That is between 3 and 4 o’clock in the morning. Commonly referred to as the witching hour, you might find some trouble sleeping during this time.

3. If you have the gift, you would find that animals are drawn to you without making any effort. Are you the proverbial dog/cat whisperer of the family? Well this is because animals, even birds and butterflies can sense when there is something special about a person. Their senses are much stronger than humans in such things.

4. If your emotions seem to have an effect on your physical surroundings, then that is a pretty significant sign of you having special talents. Emotions are the strongholds as well as triggers of these powers. So if the weather changes suddenly when you are feeling an intense emotion, or if things fall off on their own accord it is pretty much evident that you have some spiritual gift.

5. People who fall under the category of crazy and off-the-rocker regularly come your way. Not just that, it is as if they seek you to make sense of their own craziness. These people too are enlightened, but they are way ahead of their time and thus perceived insane by the society. So they need the help of someone who is powerful and wise to guide them.

6. You can sense it when the weather is about to change. A day might be perfectly sunny and yet you’d know it is going to rain.

7. You don’t feel comfortable in a crowd. You already feel a bit uneasy around other humans because you are always out of place. But being in a crowd can bring up physical symptoms of this unease, including headache, nausea and fainting. This is because your third eye gets worked up trying to defend itself against the energies of these people.

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