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This Autumn Equinox Is Going To Be Amazing For These 3 Zodiac Signs

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by Conscious Reminder

Autumn is an undeniably beautiful season albeit in an eerie, stark way. The trees burst into flames with their orange, red and golden hues and even the chilly fog that covers the world feels like a comforting quilt.

Carved Jack o’ lanterns sit at the gates of most homes. Now that another busy and exacting summer is over and done, people are finding more time to snuggle comfortably at their own hearths, enjoying the overflowing plenty that is life. 

All four seasons exert some kind of control over our lives. Summertime is when we plant the seeds of our intentions and nurture them carefully. In fall, we find that hard work is truly rewarding as we harvest a bounty that helps us grow spiritually.

This is the time when we can sit back and reflect on all the effort that we’ve put in and take joy in our achievements. Winter will come and we will have to let go of our all intentions and in spring we’ll be creating the seeds for new intention. Before all that, autumn exists for us to take pride in our own growth. 

With the coming of 22nd September, harvest time will finally be upon of us. Of all the star signs, Libra, Scorpio and Pisces are slated to have an amazing autumn equinox. 

Libra: Coming Into The Light

If you’re a Libra, then this equinox comes at a very exciting time of the year for you – it is the beginning of your return into the light of the sun. Autumn is the best time for Libras and this is when you’ll reach your zenith in the astrological calendar. You may have had some hard time but now you can step back and take pride in having reached your goals. 

Think of all the ways you’ve had to grow since the previous year. How has your life changed from then to now? You’ll most likely see that you’ve experienced a period of development and transformation. Celebrate the beautiful person you’ve become and be more confident of all that you deserve. 

Scorpio: Finding Love In Yourself And Others

In Autumn, Venus moves into Scorpio making it a time to explore your passions, experience happiness like never before and becoming mindful of your connection with others. Your bonds with those you care about are as strong as steel and now, you also get to know your own self through and through. 

At the same time, the sun will also move into the 12th chamber of your spiritual self which marks the beginning of a time of isolation, self reflection and peace. Take this time to properly align all your chakra points, let go of all toxic thoughts and take in as much positivity as you can. Let this be a time of healing for you. 

Pisces: Connecting With Your Spirituality

With the beginning of the fall equinox, the moon will wax in Pisces but in an asymmetrical manner. The energy pouring out from this interaction is yours for the taking and with it you will find yourself linked the truest version of your own self. 

The Aries full moon is only two days after the equinox so the air will be crackling with an energy that aligns perfectly with your own personality during the transition between seasons. Your intuitive skills will grow, you will see the world through the lens of magic and even your dreams will feel like reality. Glory in the light of the moon and allow it to heal you and lead you into winter. 

It will be an amazing equinox but that does not mean it will not be difficult at times for all three signs. However, don’t forget that these hardships forge you into who you are destined to be.

During the equinox, the universe will give you comfort by showing you that it will all work out for the best. 

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