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Making The First Contact With Your Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides

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by Conscious Reminder

We have all heard about the so-called spirit guides, or about how they may provide us with advice coming from spiritual realms in order to help us make significant decisions, and even guide us in challenging times.

However, there are times when we feel like our spirit guides do not communicate with us.

Right before we were all born, we gathered the spirit guides team around us. Our spirit guides were with us from the start and were guiding us and sending us messages, although we probably never recognized them.

We have all sometimes avoided some street as it gave us a strong and inexplicable feeling of potential danger. We have all sometimes had the answers to difficult problems appear in our head, knowing that they are right.

All this may be our spirit guides establishing communication with us, and sending us messages right to our subconscious.

While the relationships with spirit guides are different, there exist certain steps which we may follow in order to open ourselves furthermore to the presence of them and also deepen our link with our spiritual plane so that we could hear the messages from them better.

Invite our spirit guides to play more direct roles in our lives.

Our spirit guides already play some role in our life, and they try to guide us and keep us from any harm. The invitation will be more about us, signaling to both of us that we are prepared to engage with them more actively.

We can find some calm space where we will be able to relax and also clear our mind of the turbulence during the day. We should focus on sending clear messages to our spiritual plane, making our invitation by sending every word with our thoughts. We can try something like this:

‘Spirit Guides, I invite you into my space and into my life. I am grateful for the help you have given me, even if I have not always recognized it for what it was and would like to build our connection.’

We can repeat this for a few times, and after that, close our communication. Then, we have to be patient, as our spirit guides are going to respond right when they think they should.

We should not force them but simply wait for any sign from them. We can repeat the invitation on a few occasions. Once when we feel happy for communicating our message with gratefulness in our heart, we may change our invitation.

We should meditate.

Sometimes, every message we receive from our guides may be hard to be recognized, because we get overrun by the internal monologue we have. Then, meditation is going to be an excellent way of making our internal voices quiet, in order to hear every message from our guides better.

We can practice meditation in many ways. Meditation is all about clearing our mind of our active thoughts. We should find a comfortable and quiet space where we may sit undisturbed. We should start breathing deeply, but also normally, and focus our attention on our breath.

Then, we should try to clear our head of our active thoughts. This may be extremely challenging because the brain is continually sending signals, associations, and memories. We should just recognize them though and put it aside while we keep focusing on our breathing.

Although meditation looks easy, we can say that it is quite hard for beginners, so they should start with only five minutes, gradually extending it to ten or more minutes.

We should be present.

Instead of communicating with the subconscious directly, sometimes the spirit guides tend to send signs in our physical plane. Then, they will lead us to see identical number patterns repeatedly, or we are going to encounter names, places, and people that will make a quite strong association in our mind.

Sometimes, we will find it hard to recognize such messages, because there are distraction walls around us that regularly prevent us from receiving such messages.

That’s why we have to break those walls down, and we can do that by being present here, in the now. In that way, distractions will minimize, and we will focus our attention more on everything around us.

We should manage our expectations.

Unless we have a profound connection with our spiritual plane, our spirit guides will unlikely appear to us in an obvious and clear way, just like it happens in movies.

It will be hard for physical and spiritual planes to directly communicate, and that’s why every message we actually receive is subtle, and it is a feeling, synchronicity or a sign.

As we embark on our spiritual journey, our contact will become more obvious and direct, but all that when we become realistic and patient.

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