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Crystal Care: Taking Proper Care Of Your Crystals Is Important!

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by Conscious Reminder

Are My Gemstones Aware, Sentient and communicative entities?

Although they may seem lifeless but the fact of the matter is that the Gemstones have their own awareness level, in lines of plants and animals.

The vibration rate of these gemstones is very different from ours and thus it might be a little difficult for you to work with them. You need to learn the skill, just like you learn a new language.

You might think that people have a natural talent for gemstone magic receptivity, and it is hard for an average Joe to learn this. But it is not true, as anyone can work with gemstones; they also want to work with you.

Why Should I Care About Gemstones?

Well, gemstones are beautiful; they are like pieces of art created by the mother earth in the moment of utter love and creativity. But they are much more than just beautiful!

Different stones embody different aspects of their creator. And as the creator is the holy Mother Earth, these gemstones have different powers of the earth. They are a step in the ladder to achieve divine awareness.

These gemstones do not discriminate, no matter what you call that creator, they will guide you.

They’ll shed the light on the path towards the ultimate source of energy, intelligence, and creativity. The important thing is that you must believe in the source.

The higher intelligence wants nothing more than just communicating with you, to know you and to be known by you.

I believe that the source created these beautiful gemstones and gave each of them a part of his powers.

Thus when we work with the crystals, we are working with one of the links and manifestations of the Supreme Soul.

These Gemstones are a way for us to decode his secrets. These are our source to access his knowledge.

What do you think about gemstones? Share your views with us.

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