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You Can Protect Yourself From Bad Spirit Attachment

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

It was extremely exhausting after the long day with clients. All I needed was to climb up the bed and cuddle with my husband. Just a loving embrace would have taken away all the drained energy.

But once I eased into his arm, my husband jolted back and said, Babe, I’m not trying to be rude but your breath reeks!

That’s not something to happen

Imagine the pain. Such an emotional outburst. And it was so unexpected. Of course, my husband wasn’t lying. Once I started thinking over it, nothing in my dental routine had gone wrong. I had not missed any dentist appointments and I carry my floss with me for the three-time routine per day. Reeking breath is the last thing that could happen.

I ran downstairs and washed my mouth with baking soda. I brushed thoroughly and used salt solution for gargling. Nothing worked. There must be something fishy going on.

When I was all in tears, and frustrated, suddenly I realized something. My teacher used to say, ‘Bad breath, bad spirit’.

It was an unsettling feeling. My tears stopped, but now fear replaced the frustration. Oh no, do I have a bad spirit attached to me?

It was time to introspect and check all the other conditions. I recalled them from my early days as an Angel Initiative. The three things to look for if you have a bad spirit attachment – feeling unhinged, not feeling well and not being your usual self.

Looking back, the day really seemed a bit off. The gnarly breath didn’t even leave the next day. But now, the doctor added something more to that. I was diagnosed with urinary tract infection. That’s weird. There were no other symptoms really. It didn’t make sense.

Going back in time

Things weren’t looking up for me. But since I was sure that there has been a bad spirit attachment, I knew I had to go back in time, back to when it all started. I remember bartering a healing session with a colleague. She has a super high energy and did healing work, so we decided on a trade. It’s not uncommon in our profession.

During the session, she called in the spirit of a loved one. I took my usual role as an Initiative and it went well. She did some body healing as her part of the bargain, and I left. Nothing different. Or so I thought.

Returning from the doctor, I called her up. She went back on the day, and felt something odd – a lingering spirit within me. She performed some extra energy work, and voila – the breath was gone and I was feeling myself again. The spirit left.

To learn is to grow

But every mistake is part of learning. I meditated on the day, and came to realize it wasn’t one of those good days. When I took up the barter, my mind didn’t go ‘hell yeah’. It was a hesitant, ‘ok, why not’.

It brought back one of the teachings from my early healing classes. Always honor yourself and others when you are exchanging energy.

You do it by exchanging money.

Dr. Edgar Sung, my Feng Shui Teacher, taught us that we should always exchange our energy in red envelopes, whatever be the amount. Red is auspicious in China. It protects the giver and the receiver. And it’s important to feel good about the exchange. Even after it.

Something else came to my mind from this bad breath incident. I should honor myself and my worth. Or else it’ll lower my energy and would make me vulnerable to outside forces.

It’s the same when you’re receiving a service.

Try receiving services that match your value or worth – don’t cheapen it. Your frequency would be much higher and you’ll have less interaction with bad spirits.

I understood my value and have stopped bartering my services. I charge what I’m worth for my clients, and yes, I make sure I’m exchanging red envelopes with them. It’s going well for now.

So always ask this: are you valuing yourself enough? If not, rethink and change something in your life. Remember, you are valuable.

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