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Animals: The Purest Souls Of Earth & How To Bond With Any Of Them

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Nature is the wondrous equilibrium, which consists of magical and diverse forces, all of them settled in blue/green balance.

Witches are aware of this since the beginnings of this world. Throughout centuries, one popular way is tapping in the magical energies of nature.

We can achieve that in numerous ways. However, one way which will make us feel satisfied is bonding with animals we admire and respect.

In order to step into the vast energy pool, we need to establish a connection with an animal we admire.

Here are the seven magical ways of bonding with an animal:

1. Call upon your totem.

For those who don’t know, totem animal is the spiritual archetype of all the animal species that act as patrons over the kingdom of animals. Furthermore, they may even play their role of mediums or spiritual protectors of their kingdom, or of humankind and domination of spirit.

Just like our Zodiac signs, our totem animal will be the one who is going to help us connect with the world. Because of that, every one of us possesses diverse animal totems, as we are all different and we search for diverse life messages. That’s why we have to call upon our totem.

2. Choose an animal which we need currently.

Regarding our current situation, we should exclude the totem animal that is here with us to stay forever and choose another animal with which we can connect.

This is going to help us tap into the unique powers of the animal. For example, we can choose hawk, to fly high and also see our life objectively.

3. Walk where our animal dwells.

Of course, we should do this if it is safe and applicable. For example, it may be close to a river, the sea coast, the woods, and so on. However, we have to remember that our safety and our common sense should always be in the first place.

The point will be meeting our animal and discovering how we can connect with that animal. When we spot it, we should sit quietly and observe how it is interacting with everything around it. The results will be the same when we meditate and imagine it when we are not able to go where it dwells.

4. Send healing energies to our preferred animal.

This is a tested way and definitely among the best ways for bonding with any animal – sending healing energies or energy balls to the animal. We should try this on a daily basis, to one animal, or to different other animals which belong to the same animal species.

Whether we see this animal or we cannot see it, we have to follow every given instruction and send our healing energies. We are going to notice how this bond strengthens one minute after another.

5. Mirror ritual.

First, we should place an image of the animal we chose in front of us. Then, we should light one white candle that symbolizes our connection. We should imagine that our animal is really here, that it is alive, but not only a picture. We should focus on it as it sits right before us.

Then, we should focus on its breath, and how its chests are moving. When we think it was enough, we should synchronize our breathing with its breathing. We can inhale what it exhales, and the animal will inhale what we exhale. This can be repeated for nine times.

6. Charge one bowl of Moon water, devoting it to our animal.

When there is a Full Moon, we should ensure that we have charged one bowl of Moon water which has the powers of our Moon.

Then, we should devote it to our animal, because the water is healing and magical. We should leave the bowl outside. Our Moon is going to help us bond with our animal until there is another lunar cycle, which means for 28 days.

7. Make our own charm with our animal.

On some small pebble which we have found where our animal dwells or only any pebble, we should inscribe the symbol which represents the animal we have chosen. The symbol may be inscribed as a simple one, but we have to keep in mind that it clearly connects to our animal.

We can carry this pebble in our pocket, and for nine times during the day, we should grab it and picture our animal mentally, appearing around us, for about 30 seconds.

Then, we should say: ‘Thank you for meeting with me. May you are Blessed and ready to meet with me always.’ After that, we should put our stone in the pocket, letting the imagination fade away.

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