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Mercury Goes Retrograde November 16th – December 6th: Shadow & Storm

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by Conscious Reminder

This time the Mercury retrograde (November 16th at 8:33PM ET – December 6th at 4:22PM ET) will have a shadow and a storm. It will affect Sagittarius the most.

It’s a fast-moving planet but since it’s going to be forced to slow down, it won’t like it. Be prepared to feel some disturbing influences around you.

All Sagittarius Alert

In the final rounds, Mercury will be moving towards Sagittarius. This means, there will be some real-time effects and we need to be mindful of them. We might be tempted to talk big. It’s a time when we might brag and boast for no apparent reason. We should understand that words carry weight and all these braggings can land us in a difficult position.

Sagittarius’s also rule the law. So there will be some issues regarding legality that will pop up. We may have some reversal, going back to the past and trying to rectify something left out.

Sagittarius also controls long-distance travels. So don’t worry about any issues regarding long-distance travels during this time – you have been informed. Maybe something bad has been averted.

We stand strongly beside our beliefs. That’s fine, but this time, we might get a lot more defensive about them. Not only that, we might even want to force our beliefs on other people. That’s not the right thing to do – keep calm and try to understand that beliefs are part of personality, and each of us has a unique one.

This time, Mercury will go back to Scorpio for only a few days. But that’s enough! It will impact us. We can get obsessed with Scorpio and that will make us lose all objectivity. That’s not how you’d want to live! Relax and take a step back. This period, you might want to lessen your interactions. Your emotions may overwhelm you.

Interaction with Scorpios

Scorpio is a dark sign, the darkest of all. It rules our dark inner selves. So be mindful. Scorpio would want us to bring out those inner demons and confront them. We must face it, and evolve from it like a phoenix. Scorpios love transformation, they would see it through. Just make sure it happens for the better.

Scorpio is passionate. It’s something we can use for our benefit. With passion, Scorpio rules over our sexual energy. So, you might have your focus on sexuality during this period.

Mercury will be anaretic this time. It’s a crisis point and it will bring out something terrible from the past which we may not be aware of. Some scandal, misappropriation of funds, something that might affect our reputation. It might help us to develop on it, but this is the time you might want to look out for bad guys. It’ll be great if you are a bit careful.

The Moon will be retrograde in the same sign as Mercury and that means there will be an upsurge of energy for Scorpios. More passion, more emotions. It can be extremely challenging. Channel it, use it into something productive.

Mercury does not end in any aspects this time. It will be a foggy period for us. We will lack clarity on many issues and we may not understand what’s real and what’s not. You’ll feel vulnerable. Daydreams and fantasies will be our solace but we should not get lost in it completely. Get a grip on reality.

What about the rest?

For Virgo this is a time for focusing on health and productivity. The planets are with you. The full moon of Gemini will not affect Mercury much, but the emotions will be high this time around. Your words will reflect your inner emotions so be wary of them. Don’t let words slip out which will make you regret later on.

The mercury will make 3 major aspects during retrograde so there will be a lot of anger, frustrations and level-headedness during this period. You may get indulgent too. But wait, there’s good news. In the final phase, you can turn and make something productive out of all these emotions. The most affected Scorpios would be the ones born after November 27th. Please be careful out there.

This time, the mercury retrograde is going to be a roller coaster ride for all of you. Please put yourself out there but be careful. It may go well or bad but everything’s on you! Share with your fellow Sagittarians and let this pass well.

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