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How To Embrace & Love Your Dark Side

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by Conscious Reminder

Every one of us has one specific side, or several sides, which we usually don’t like other people to see. We may think of that side as our ‘dark side,’ or even the Gollum inside us.

It may also be that we procrastinate, or waste an unreasonable and excessive amount of our precious time on some game or site, smoke or drink a lot, being jealous, unkind and ungenerous, criticizing other people, and even lonely and depressed.

Usually, these are the things which may not want other people to see. However, what is going to happen if we actually attempted to embrace the Gollum inside us? Or, what is going to happen if we actually learn how to love this dark side of ourselves?

This is against our ordinary approach so it sometimes may appear impossible. To love the Gollum inside us sounds quite absurd. Usually, we would like to hide that dark side, or even remove it, then heal ourselves, and finally forget every single thing connected with it.

However, what is going to happen if, instead, we tried:

1. To tell someone close to us about our dark side, in that way permitting sunshine on this dark side of our life.

We have to allow sunshine on this quite dark side of our life so that we could feel better.

2. To be gentler with ourselves and see the dark side with loving eyes too.

For instance, we are probably tired, and we are looking to take a rest, or maybe we feel sad, and we would like to relieve ourselves from such sadness. In that way, the dark area inside us will not be that bad; however, a loving and misguided way of relieving the difficulties we feel.

3. To try to give ourselves compassion instead of being cruel with ourselves about it.

Our dark side is probably not going to be that bad, but simply another new experience in our life which we should love if we can wish the end to our difficulties to come and give ourselves love too.

4. When we begin going to our dark area, we should pause there and permit ourselves to feel any pain we are feeling, instead of going down our usual way of running away or numbing.

We have to stay in that pain, and entirely feel it. We should immerse ourselves in it, using our love and curiosity.

5. To laugh about our Gollum, and tell other people about it using humor.

The Gollum inside us is merely part of us, so we should not feel ashamed of it. When we admit it to other people, it will help them to connect with us more intimately. Just embrace it.

In fact, this is not going to cure us of anything specific, but it will be a gentler and even more loving way to see ourselves and deal with all those difficulties we encounter in life. We have to love that dark side of ourselves.

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