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A Farmer Sets Up A Camera And Records A Video That 12 Million People Fell In Love With

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by Conscious Reminder

Not giving up on life is an essential thing for us to learn. People who do not get their hopes punctured due to the pitfalls of life, and learn to overcome them are the true survivors.

If you make your fate and circumstances the master of your life, you tend to lose your chances of a better life. Let not your enthusiasm be dampened by the unfortunate situations that you are likely to come across in life.

The video is a clipping of Jay Lavery, a farmer from New York, dancing to the song Cheap Thrills by Sia. The man was initially cleaning the ranch but couldn’t stop grooving to the tune of the song. 

He performed on the whole song without stooping for even a minute. Jay apparently shared the video on social media which went on to become one of the most viewed and appreciated video.

He claims that he had been doing things of the similar kind since long now. The video also had a caption below where he had mentioned about the reason behind the making of the same.

The video was inspired by the ‘Lets Move Challenge’ where he had no idea as to when he might end up dancing. However, dancing has been more of a necessity than just merely a source of entertainment for him.

Jay had unfortunately suffered from an intense back injury years ago for which he had to undergo several painful back surgeries, including discectomy and spinal fusion.  Since then, meditation, yoga and dancing has become a necessary part of his life because they help keep away the pain.

The video stands as an inspiration for all who are knocked down due to physical frailties and are asked to not lose hope and enjoy life with a happy soul. However, the video is not only about inspiring people but also making them aware of the farm mission.

An initiative that helps people get hold of a sustainable food system in America by getting to know more about the farmers and ranchers. What is most important for all is to realize the underlying truth that one need not be deterred by the mishaps of life.

You can always opt for enjoying and living life to the fullest, instead of crying and losing all hopes even when life itself provides you with a second opportunity.

It is important to enjoy the journey of life, rather than waiting for the end without taking notice of the little things that could have otherwise made your life worth remembering.


Source: Prowdr via YouTube

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