Research Shows Semen Might Actually Be The Key To Curing Depression In Women

by Conscious Reminder

Depression is a serious problem that has spread through all layers of human form. Medicinal ways of curing depression do work but they take a lot of time for a complete rehabilitation.

There is a lot one could actually try and opt for, in order to overcome and prevent depression to some extent.

An innovative anti-depression aid is sexual intimacy. As has been studied by the researchers of Albany University, sexual activities tend to reduce the risk of depression. 

Professor Gordon Gallup of the University, concluded that women who had unprotected sex were lesser victims of depression. 

This is because a woman tends to have significant mood swings while having sex and even more if the semen gets inside her.  

The Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) survey, that studies the differences in depression symptoms, conducted a survey of around 300 women.

They were asked several questions relating to their sexual interactions. The kinds of questions included whether or not they had protected sex, their frequency of sexual intercourse etc.

According to this survey, women who had unprotected sex had lower BDI than the ones who used condoms instead. 

Though a survey made on 300 women is considerably small, yet they tried to cover as much information as possible.

They also questioned about the usage of contraceptive pills and concluded that symptoms of depression and intense mood swings were seen more in women who used condoms than the rest.

It is necessary to mention the fact that college students who have protected sex are more prone to depression than the others. Thereby, strengthening the fact that use of condoms leads to depression among women. 

Yet, this shouldn’t be taken into account for having unprotected sex and fall prey to further problems like unwanted pregnancy. People should not have unprotected sex by not using condoms under any circumstances.

It is better to use condoms and remain tension free than to become a victim of sexually transmitted diseases or unplanned pregnancy.

Depression is still considerable in comparison to problems which might even lead to abortion.

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